05 March 2009

Forget Pretense

I'm just going to tell you what you want, and you are going to like it.

Comrades, you want:

Tech to annihilate Minnesota-Twin Cities
Mankato to pulverize St. Cloud
North Dakota to disembowel Wisconsin
Denver to incinerate Colorado College

your UMD BULLDOGS to sweep the Seawolves!!!!

If these things occur, then I'll have one more trip up to Duluth this season!!!
Andrew, Jay, Josh, MacGregor, Nick, Matt and Michael: I'm counting on you, just as I always have for the past four years.

Additionally, I should announce the winner from the previous poll. With 14 votes (well, really 13, because I voted once), the winner is... THEY ARE ALL CREEPY!!!! Thanks to everyone who voted early and often.


USAFA Bulldog said...

It sure would be nice if that would happen.

Of course timing/scheduling once again stinks for me. The state boys hockey tournament is next week, so even if UMD gets home ice I won't be there.

I love watching the Dogs and all, but there's no way I'm missing the state boys hockey championship game to see the first round of the WCHA playoffs.

SIOUX 7 said...

I always knew you were a closet Sioux fan :)

vizoroo said...

Have no problem with your instructions EXCEPT Badgers need to, your word not mine, disembowel the sioux.

Go DU!!!

Eric J. Burton said...

Donna I voted like 6 times. :)