31 August 2009

Radio Free Road Trip

I asked around to some of the more notorious personalities in the college hockey scene:

What is your ultimate road trip song?

Yager (president, Mitch's Misfits)
Queen: Bohemian Rhapsody

Goon (blogger, Goon's World)
Nickelback: Saturday Night's All Right for Fighting

Melmac (GPL roadtrippin' queen)
C.W. McCall: Convoy

DGGoddard (blogger, Let's Go DU)
Ram Jam: Black Betty

Biddco (tUMD student fan extraordinaire)
Lonely Island: I'm On A Boat

Dirty (blogger, Dirty's Diatribe; antagonist)
Celine Dion: My Heart Will Go On

Eliot Olshansky (blogger, The Rat Lives!)
Guns 'n' Roses: November Rain

Jeremy (blogger, Wild View from Section 216)
Journey: Don't Stop Believin'

FireHelmetGuy (GPL lifer)
Metallica: And Justice For All

Brenthoven (GPL rube)
Lynyrd Skynyrd: Freebird

Geist & Quizmire (blogger, Sioux Yeah Yeah!; WCHA columnist for USCHO)
Unknown artist: One Team, One Goal

RWD (me)
Bruce Springsteen: Thunder Road

A few notes:
1. Some people gave me like, 800 choices for songs. They can not follow directions.
2. I think there were a few other people who either texted me their choice or posted it on my FB wall somewhere, but I seem to have lost those answers.
3. There were a LOT of deadbeats who didn't answer!!! This is one short road trip.

Readers (if there are any other RWD readers that are not already listed) can weigh in with their own choices so we can turn this playlist from Minneapolis-Mankato into Duluth-Houghton.

30 August 2009

Have A Seat

Okay, the softball game count stands at 8. I have one tomorrow and one Tuesday, and then finally, finally, finally will get to rest. One knee is scraped up from diving back to a base, and the other ankle is twisted from rounding a base. Fortunately, my fingers are still functional and I can type.

A friend of mine sent me a message on Facebook to ask where he should get tickets for UMD's game against Mankato State. (Yes! They are Mankato State if I say they are!) Of the six sections he mentioned, two were student sections, one was the band, and one I don't even think exists as it's where the Zamboni comes out.

I have sat virtually everywhere at the DECC, so I'll go over the possible areas and give my advice.

Sections 1-5 (end)
UMD defends this area twice. If you like to watch good goaltending (which we have had and will continue to have this season!!), it's a good place to sit. If you are like me and your hair falls out in clumps and you break out in hives when the puck comes anywhere NEAR the defensive zone, then you spend most of your time praying not to see any action. A lot of opposing fans will sit here, too.

Sections 6-9 (corners)
I confess, I have never sat here. Again, you're in the end UMD defends twice, so take that as you will. However, if you are a player stalker, the guys in the stands can often be found at the top of 6 or 8.

Sections 10-17, 19 (sides)
The smaller the numbers, the closer you are to the end we defend twice, so the same advice applies from the previous comments. If you get too high up in the seats, you feel pretty much like you're in the attic. You have a good view of the play whether you're at center ice or on one of the bluelines.

Sections 10-19 (sides & corners, balcony)
I've never sat in the balcony corners, but they seem kind of neat because they're just little pockets. It's like an opera box. Section 14 (I think, either that or it's 12) overlooks the UMD bench. That is the greatest seat I've ever had in my life (thanks Tammy!) but if you're not into the smell of sweat and hockey equiptment (which has the same effect for me as pheromones have on bees) then it might not be for you. I loved sitting there although I didn't get to yell nearly as much because I didn't want to draw too much attention to myself. Although I scared Chris Garner when I yelled at this crazy woman from Bemidji. Sections 15 and 17 are over the opposing bench, so if you like to beak people, it's a good spot.

Section 18 (side)
Section 18 is 1. where UMD's comped seats are (so if you're into stalking players' whole families, this is where you need to camp out) and 2. directly next to the student section. Maybe not the best place for small children, but a good place for someone who likes to get involved in cheers.

Sections 20, 22, 24 and evidently 26 (corner & end)
UMD student section. A great place to sit if you want to stand, be silly, be a big part of the cheering, and possibly get vomited on. They are usually packed, and it's general admission. You're not supposed to sit there if you aren't a student, but I kind of blend in. And if you are a student, it's the only place you get the cheap student rate. UMD shoots twice here, so the goalie gets plenty of harrassment.

Sections 21, 23, and 25 (corner)
I generally sit here (specifically in 23 & 25) because it's where my friends sit, though I wouldn't say I like sitting in the corners the best. It's probably where I'll get my season tickets, again, just so I can sit with folks I know. My major complaint about the corners is when the puck gets in there, you can't see anything, so you miss big hits and battles and possibly even fights, and you can't be an armchair referee if you can't see the action.

Sections 27 & 28 (end)
I sit here occasionally for hard-to-buy games. UMD shoots twice here, which is great, but I don't like the view as much as the view from the sides, where the action is side to side and you can see shots and saves. High school kids often sit at the top of 27, which can get annoying.

I have never sat in A, F, M, N, O, R, S and don't have any comments about them except for the view issue which I'll talk about in other sections.

Section D & E (floor, side)
Section D abuts the opponents' penalty box. If you are interested in having a chat with anyone from the other team, this is the place to do it. Ask MEg for tips on what to discuss. The Plexiglas makes it difficult to see up ice, but it is a neat experience to sit down where the action is, and I recommend folks try it at least once. If you sit in Section E, you might run into some of the surplus players, as some of them hang out at ice level.

Sections G & H (floor, end)
Can anyone actually sit here other than the band and the Zamboni?

Section J, K, L (floor, corner & side)
I see a lot of recruits sitting in section J. Opposing fans sit here a lot, so it's best for UMD fans to sit elsewhere unless you want to get into a battle. Section L is right next to the vistors' bench, so if you are an insane woman from Bemidji, you can go crazy and rub your butt on the glass in full view of your team. The opposing team also comes out right between J and K, so their fans can give them pats on the back as they come off, depressed that they lost YET AGAIN to the unstoppable force that is UMD.

Of course, this advice is only useful for a season and a half. Then I'll have to start all over again!

29 August 2009


Oh my. I'm feeling pretty lazy right now, folks. I just played 4 games of softball craziness. Well, not just played them, but I am just home now from the cookout after the game.

So, I'm about to sleepwalk my way through this post.

UMD football opened their season with an insane 56-0 win over Concordia. I won't pretend that I am a UMD football fan in the least, but it's relevant. Isaac Odim scored 5 touchdowns. He was 1 touchdown shy of the school record. Come on, Bob, couldn't you have given him a few more chances to get in the record books?

I... have nothing else. Yikes! Tomorrow I'll do better. Unless I end up playing five more games of softball. Please, no.

28 August 2009

Beary Cute

So, there's so much drama in the LBC about this article some no-name publication called The Hockey News (which annoys me from a grammatical perspective... I know it's technically correct, but something's not right) about hockey jersey rankings. I first read this article on Pates' Rink and Run, but then it mutated over to Let's Go DU and The UAA Fan Blog and Goon's World. You can go to one of those fine sites if you want to find this article, but I don't really want to link to it.

UMD was not ranked highly. They were ranked 9th out of 11 in the WCHA. Which makes no sense, as there are 10 teams in the WCHA. We didn't fit a lot of their criteria, like having the school's founding year on the front (Union, InebriatedMike's favorite team), or being green or purple, or having classic colors like UMTC does. UAA did well in the WCHA as well, ranking 4th for their realistic bear. Never mind that a bear is not their mascot. Apparently having bears on a jersey is aesthetically pleasing. I totally agree. I love bears! They are so cute.

I've come up with a plan for UMD to rise in their rankings:

27 August 2009

El Capitan

UMD announced today that Drew Akins will be the 2009-2010 captain, with alternate captains Mike Montgomery and Jordan Fulton.

SO excited for Drew! As you all know (because you follow religiously every word I write), back in June I got the odds, straight from Vegas, on UMD's captaincy.

Drew Akins - 1:1
Drew's pretty a shoo-in for some sort of leadership role, and I'm pretty sure it would be the C. Drew stands up for his teammates, which sometimes gets him in a little bit of trouble, but at least he doesn't have rage blackouts like Zach Jones or attack mascots like Joe Finley; he regains control easily. He's won the heart of MeanEgirl, and a whole slew of creeps at USCHO can attest that is no easy task.

Jordan Fulton - 18:1
Jordy's a senior, which certainly gives him an advantage, but I'm not sure. Rumors swirling that he might bolt for Calgary early have so far been incorrect, but they might affect the locker room's vote.

Mike Montgomery - 50:1
Monty crossed over from foward to defenceman seamlessly, showing he was willing to do what the team needed. If he continues to show the defensive prowess he had last season, he'll take on a leadership role as a senior. This year? I doubt it.

So, folks who bet on Monkey certainly cleaned up. And uh, I guess if you bet on Fonzie, sorry. Now pay up or I will break your thumbs.
Congratulations to all three. Work the guys hard during Captain's Practice, set the tone for the season and teach them what it means to be a Bulldog. You learned from some of the best we've ever seen.
And remember, guys, you don't have to wear a letter to lead. MacGregor Sharp says so.

26 August 2009

The Second Coming of #4

This is sort of cheating, because Vizoroo told me I should do it, but 40 days, people. 40 posts. I don't even do that during the REGULAR season. Don't get used to it.

Western College Hockey
listed Dylan Olsen as the #1 incoming player in the West. Which means overall, in case you were unaware.

This is, of course, meaningless in the grand scheme of things, but it is really exciting to have a high-profile player coming to the team. (No pressure or anything though, honey! Just play your best! I know you can do it!) If only Obi had stayed another year. The defence is going to be... interesting this year.

The best part about this article is the comments. I love comments! One of my favorite things in the world is to read the comments on FoxSports. In an article about that soccer guy who choked on a piece of gum, people discussed 1. the Oakland Raiders' violent fans, 2. Dungeons and Dragons, and 3. racism. And there was an insult to the Red Sox. You can not read an article about ANY type of sports without a Yankees or Red Sox mention. It is not possible.

Anyway, college hockey comments are not quite as amazing, but this article has a gem. Of course, the first comment is genius. But the second is some idiot who is all NICK LEDDY!!!!11!!11!!!1 He was drafted higher! By the Wild!!! Who make great choices in the first round! Zach Budish is better 2 bcuz Edina is the best, yo! Go GOPHERZZZZZZ!! Spin your head!!!!

Ok, I'm paraphrasing. Ciskie, Goon, Rabib (really?), another Gopher fan, and someone named 20Forever who I can only assume is a big Andrew Carroll fan all essentially shoot this guy down, but it was pretty hilarious.

(Once Nick Leddy comes to the Wild, I'll love him, I'm sure. The sooner the better! But really, he needs to eat some sandwiches before he'll become effective.)

Also, I think we've finally solidified that Alex Stalock >>>>>>> Jase Weslosky. If WCHA goaltending champion, first team All-American, and Final Five MVP didn't convince you, then maybe
staying academically eligible might.

Edit: I was checking for more weird search engine hits and found "dylan olsen not happy at umd." Medicine Hat Tiger fan Dude, at least wait for the season to start.

25 August 2009

We're Gonna Win, Twins?

Congratulations to Scott Baker for his excellent pitching performance yesterday against the Orioles!

Er... wait. That's just that sneaky Biddco again. I get confused.

There we go.

I am so ready for hockey again. Well, I've been ready for hockey since seconds after the Miami game ended. Okay, maybe I needed a mourning period. Seconds after the BU-Miami game, maybe? I have discussed this hockey withdrawal in detail with my email correspondents, as they understand and feel the same way I do.

But the Twins have made me need hockey more. Seriously, if I am going to be jerked around, led on, let down, elated, enraged, delighted, confused and driven to tear my hair out by a team, it really needs to be the Bulldogs. I do not have the energy for this year round. I tried writing RWT but I just couldn't keep up the same enthusiasm and fervor after months of writing about tUMD.

I lied awhile ago and said I was giving up on the Twins. This was after that game where they were up by like 10 runs and blew it. For awhile, I was. And you guys know I could never do that with my Bulldogs. I just can't quit them. Plus I have convenient weekly breaks to stop the steam from shooting out of my ears, and by Wednesday, I'm already salivating for more.

I'm just ready for baseball to be over, if for the sole reason that it signifies hockey has begun! Sorry Twins, but you're always gonna be a best man to my Bulldogs, never a groom.

24 August 2009


Comrades, there are 40 days left until I get to see my Bulldogs again. And I am going to try to post EVERY SINGLE DAY until that happens. It will be an assault of posting from all angles. I will flank you, I will cut you off at the river, I will send the Luftwaffe on bombing runs. You can not hide from the RWD juggernaut. I am really really really really hoping there's enough content. We shall see.

Nicht kleckern, klotzen!

18 August 2009

More Roster Fun

Just checked the roster, and I've got some more updates.

Dylan Olsen is #4 now. (Evan Oberg is evidently still on the team.) Keegan Flaherty is now listed correctly as hailing from Duluth, instead of WBL (still left over from Cassy). Jake Hendrickson is #15, which I hope means I like him. Mikey Seidel is #17. That will REALLY confuse me, to see #17 at forward. Cody Danberg is #20, which I don't like. I will discuss that later. Travis Oleksuk is #21; I liked #13! You should have stayed there, T.O.! Aaron Crandall is on the board now, at #31, and Kenny Reiter decided he'd rather be #35.

No pix yet. Distressing.

Part Two:

UMD Hockey: The Empire Strikes Back

Aka installment #2 in the UMD Hockey Facebook page's highlight reels.

I know there's something... something I'm supposed to be talking about... because everyone is... but I can't think of it, so let's just discuss what I love about this video.
1. Meyers clearing the puck from the crease as Stalock is nowhere near it after the initial save.
2. Bone-crushing hits in the MSUM game. Sadly, impossible to tell who is dishing them out.
3. Andrew Carroll's game-tying goal against MSUM. I was clutching InebriatedMike and screaming.
4. Jacky goals!!!! Always a pretty sight.
6. Danberg's goal where he was at the bottom of a pile shoving at the puck, and the refs when he FINALLY signals goal!
7. Vizoroo: check out Sharpy when he banks one off the crossbar at 3:47. :)
8. Cheverie lolling his head back at his utter futility.
9. Sharpy scoring a goal and then dumping a Gopher to the ice.
10. Sam Lofquist once again acknowledging he sucks after a UMD goal.
11. The Gophers' gift to Sharpy... nice clearing pass to Sharpy, uncovered, with 4 Gophers lazily skating the other way.

I know this was maybe not Stalock's finest hour, but I wanted to see footage of the play where Goro missed the net!!!

The grand finale had BETTER have some togas in it.

Hmmm... my boss just came by and said "19-0." What does that mean???? :D

17 August 2009

INCH: A to Hj

Inside College Hockey's annual A-Z feature blurbs Brady Hjelle today. They did not mention PB&HjT, but I'll forgive them.
Highlight of the article:
His favorite was a trip to the Kohl Center, where Hjelle watched “thousands of fans barking at Al the whole game” and thought how awesome it would be to be on the ice.

06 August 2009


Seriously, people. And by people, I am looking at you, Mr. Program Director Skramstad and Mr. Sports Director Fleischer (don't MAKE me untag you in that photo of mine in which you randomly tagged yourself!!!!!!!)

Just get your you-know-what together and hire Ciskie. It's not hard. Andrew Carroll wants you to do it. And you must do what he wants.

Oh, in other news,
UMD hockey and football have a new radio home: AM 1490 The Fan.


The new roster is finally, finally, finally up. Sort of. No new pics, to my extreme dissastisfaction. So very very curious to see what the guys look like now that their hair has grown back. Or to see if certain individuals have quit using peroxide on their hair. And also to see who had to share their suit and tie.

1 Kenny Reiter
2 Brady Lamb
3 Chase Ryan
4 Evan Oberg
5 Trent Palm (quit being #54, which is good. This isn't football!!)
6 Scott Kishel
7 Drew Akins
8 Drew Olson (okay, grouping the Drews together is good)
10 Dan DeLisle
11 Kyle Schmidt
12 Jack Connolly (Is Chris keeping the same number, too?)
13 Travis Oleksuk
14 Keegan Flaherty
19 Rob Bordson (Switching it up from #15)
21 Cody Danberg
22 Mike Connolly
23 Jordan Fulton
24 Mike Montgomery
26 Chad Huttel
27 David Grun (Excellent choice staying with #27, David! Be ready to score me a birthday goal!)
28 Wade Bergman
30 Brady Hjelle
37 Justin Fontaine

Stealth (no numbers yet)
Jake Hendrickson
Dylan Olsen
Mike Seidel (Pick #15!! Pick #15!!! It's the hottie number!)

Ultra Stealth (not on roster yet)
Aaron Crandall

Sneaky (still on the roster)
Evan Oberg

05 August 2009

The Trilogy

UMD Hockey: A New Hope

aka part 1 of 3 of UMD's 2008-2009 highlight videos. It's AWESOME... but such a tease! You can also "fan" UMD Hockey while you're at it.
Favorite parts:
1. Photo of Stalock in the middle of a group of players with the goal nowhere in sight.
2. Many many many many many goals scored on SCSU.
3. Brad Eidsness having a hissy fit.
4. Chad Huttel going all Akins.
5. Mike Connolly totally beating Weslosky.
6. The "revisionist" Denver series.
7. Akins going all Akins.
8. Lots and lots of flying waterbottles.