27 June 2010

Draft Cards

So the draft came and went, and I couldn't follow it, because 1. I had class (school, not the other kind, I have none of that) and 2. We didn't have power from Friday night until about 10:30 this morning. So, yes, I am lame.

Justin Faulk was drafted in the second round, 37th overall, by the Carolina Hurricanes. (Did you know that Justin is Marco Peluso's cousin? I did not. But now I do!)

Joe Basaraba was drafted in the third round, 69th overall, by the Florida Panthers.

Caleb Herbert was drafted in the fifth round, 142nd overall, by the Washington Capitals.

Congratulations to all three guys! You've made your new fans proud!

05 June 2010


Just in case it wasn't obvious, I'm hibernating until 27 June. And then I shall return, and comment on all the dramas!