30 January 2006


This is probably the most hits I've had EVER in one day, what are you people doing here? Morbid curiosity, I suppose. Now I have to respond to the Frequently Asked Questions I can sense in your mind.

Do you actually think you're funny? Because this is so lame.

Well, I do get a good chuckle out of some of the things I write, so yes, I think I'm funny. There isn't a whole lot to laugh about this season, unfortunately. The better question would be, "Do you think other people think you're funny?" Probably not, no, so don't worry.

Why are there so many gaps between posts?

I'm lazy, for one. Lack of inspiration doesn't help. I don't always get to listen to the games because I'm working, so it's hard to write "recaps" when you don't know how the game went. (It is very easy to write a recap when you lose 7-1, because you know the only think that could have happened is hardcore sucking, but losing 3-2 could be a good game, a game we let slip away, or a game we almost came back in.) Plus, when I'm writing a site essentially for my own amusement, I don't have a deadline.

What is the point of this site?

When I started it, I had grandiose visions of it becoming the next Batgirl!, but I'm just not that clever, nor am I that dedicated. Ultimately, it's just another way for a hockey dork like me to enjoy the game.

Why is the design of the site so lame?

That's something that actually can't be blamed on me. I don't know advanced web design, but I do know someone who can design a site. I asked this person to design me a site that actually looked decent, and he agreed. The site looks the same as the day I launched it. Thus, he is the Alleged Webmaster. He can be blamed for the lame Blogger template of this site.

I could write a better site than this.

Well, that isn't a question, homeslice. But maybe you could. You might write something that has more to do with actual hockey (or actual reality). You might write something with many grammatical mistakes and spelling errors. However, if you wanted to write something funny, about the Bulldogs, or about WCHA hockey in general, you could certainly use this site as a home for your little column. All you have to do is ask politely. I would love to have you elevate the level of this site. Make sure that you spell- and grammar-check first.

Why do you like Mike Curry so much, even though his offensive output this year has been totally pathetic?

I have no explanation for that, but I also have no apologies.

If I leave mean comments on this blog, will it hurt your feelings?

No, in fact, mean comments actually inflate my ego. I mean, not only do people who love me (i.e. my grandparents) read this, but now people who hate me do, too! Hatred is the highest form of flattery. *Kisses!*

So, please, enjoy the site if you can, and never come back if you can't. Salut!

Re: Mocking Me In A "Laughing With Me" Way

I feel obligated to post now that I have "outed" myself at The Penalty Box, even though I really don't have the energy. I mean, the only thing that got me in the mood to post last time was my secret love for Mike Curry, because it certainly wasn't the play of a certain team I may have referred to as "The WCHA's finest hockey team."

So, let's resurrect a long-dead tradition over here at RWD: The Humane Society of the WCHA. I feel like it might be full after this weekend.

I recall the first entry into the WCHA fondly... "Isaac Reichmuth: That 7th goal made me want to sprout wings and swoop down from the stands and throttle him." It's interesting that we would come full circle here, as we reflect on a 7-1 loss to MANKATO STATE. It's MANKATO STATE, PEOPLE. I say that for two reasons, one because you will never catch me calling it Minnesota State (that is the home of the Screaming Eagles, duh), and two because we should never, ever be swept at home by MANKATO STATE.

I hope the following people are comfortable in their cages at the HSWCHA:

ISAAC REICHMUTH: A save percentage should never be .563, EVER. And you should never let DAN KRONICK score. You could, however, get your goalie stick all up in his grill and stuff, but you didn't do that. And why not? You wouldn't have to sit in the box, Mike Curry would have to do that for you.

RYAN SWANSON: I guess I could blame Sandelin here, because I would NEVER IN H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS PLAY YOU, but since he's giving you the chance (why, oh why?), you could at least ATTEMPT not to blow it.

STEVE CZECH: You should be benched if I have to drive up to Duluth and sit on you in order to accomplish it.

I would probably have more people to lock up if I'd been able to listen to either game this weekend (although I might not have been able to survive listening to the Saturday night game), but remember that job that I always complain about? Well, it hasn't gotten any better.

Mason Raymond, you rock my socks off. Continue to rock my socks off for three more years, and I will be a happy person. I love our freshman class. And Matt McKnight. And I even love Jeff McFarland right now, although he's been a resident of the HSWCHA in the past (see, I'm a forgiving person), because he dropped the gloves this weekend. I never thought someone who goes mostly unnoticed in games would have so much rage built up. You and "Kemper the Wrecker" are awesome!

Some days, you eat the cow, and some days, the cow eats you.

28 January 2006

Where Have You Gone, Mike Curry?

Un(?)fortunately, I didn't get to listen to the game AGAIN nor will I be listening to it to(morrow?) night. However, I do feel like I need to have a little chat with one of our players.

Mike, you're my buddy, although we've never actually met. I feel this connection to you that I only feel to very special players. It was so hot when you got 2 goals in 30 seconds. The earth stood still. UMDDogz even picked up his phone and called me, and if you only knew how rare that was, then maybe you would understand. The world is a better place when you score in it. But there's a disturbing pattern here.

vs. MSU-M: 0g 0a 0sog
vs. SCSU: 0g 0a 1sog
vs. Michigan Tech: 0g 0a 0sog (DNP Friday)
vs. USA U18: DNP
vs. Cornell: 0g 0a 0sog
vs. Maine: 0g 0a 3sog

I could continue, but I won't. I think, since we know the reason you sat for a little while, that maybe it's not clear, but if you do not shoot, you will not score. I know that you do not have to score goals, you can be a playmaker, set them up, but all those zeroes are starting to look like the score sheet from the time in grade school when I asked my dad to chaperone a field trip to a bowling alley and I bowled a 7.
Let's remember the good times, like when you came over to my house and had sodas and cuddled on the couch. I really enjoyed that, probably as much as you enjoyed whatever you did in Alaska. I want to see you turn your game around. My buddy TheBizzle over at The Penalty Box agrees. Anyone else, I might have given up on, but not you. You know I could never have the heart to put you in the Humane Society of the WCHA (although I haven't even had the energy to put anyone in there), but any relationship requires some give and take. I can't listen to the game tomorrow night, and I know that always makes the team feel neglected, but I've gotta make a buck. Imagine how I would feel if I came home from a hard day in the dog-eat-dog world of retail and saw you scored another game-winning goal. Or a goal. Or had an assist. Or a good game.

Where have you gone, Mike Curry? The Bulldog Nation turns its lonely eyes to you. Woo woo woo.

21 January 2006

Chutes and Ladders

This slide is really hard on me. I don't really like losing, but I can deal with it. However, it wears on me.

Though you might not believe it, I'm not that upset, because this last game had some fun things.

1. A power play goal, which we haven't had since... well, I seem to have forgotten.
2. A GOAL FROM JEFF MCFARLAND, HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I almost died. I'm always thinking "What if McFarland got a goal?" and then he did and it was so glorious.
3. We were losing 5-0 at one point and still came back to a point where I actually thought we could win it.
4. Exciting fighting action at the end, with Nick Kemp getting a game DQ. If they can get FIRED UP and PISSED OFF about losing, well, that's more than they've done in the past.

oh my, they just took the goal away from McFarland. That is so depressing. At least he got an assist, but holy crap.

Um, Dan Kronick. Ugh.

Please win, please please please, win next weekend. Then maybe I will have more energy to write a better post. I was all pumped to write a long one, and then they announced they were changing the McFarland goal and it just deflated me.

Rik Jordan will be there!!! Awesome!!!

Okay, that's all for now. I don't want to get negative about this team, although CERTAIN PEOPLE need to STAY OUT OF THE DAMN PENALTY BOX when they are CAPTAIN OF THE TEAM.

14 January 2006

Regular posting to Runnin' With The Dogs will resume when the staff recovers from the mental and physical strain of working retail during the holiday season and then getting really sick immediately after things returned to normal.

A back massage would speed things up a bit, FYI.


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