30 January 2006

Re: Mocking Me In A "Laughing With Me" Way

I feel obligated to post now that I have "outed" myself at The Penalty Box, even though I really don't have the energy. I mean, the only thing that got me in the mood to post last time was my secret love for Mike Curry, because it certainly wasn't the play of a certain team I may have referred to as "The WCHA's finest hockey team."

So, let's resurrect a long-dead tradition over here at RWD: The Humane Society of the WCHA. I feel like it might be full after this weekend.

I recall the first entry into the WCHA fondly... "Isaac Reichmuth: That 7th goal made me want to sprout wings and swoop down from the stands and throttle him." It's interesting that we would come full circle here, as we reflect on a 7-1 loss to MANKATO STATE. It's MANKATO STATE, PEOPLE. I say that for two reasons, one because you will never catch me calling it Minnesota State (that is the home of the Screaming Eagles, duh), and two because we should never, ever be swept at home by MANKATO STATE.

I hope the following people are comfortable in their cages at the HSWCHA:

ISAAC REICHMUTH: A save percentage should never be .563, EVER. And you should never let DAN KRONICK score. You could, however, get your goalie stick all up in his grill and stuff, but you didn't do that. And why not? You wouldn't have to sit in the box, Mike Curry would have to do that for you.

RYAN SWANSON: I guess I could blame Sandelin here, because I would NEVER IN H-E-DOUBLE-HOCKEY-STICKS PLAY YOU, but since he's giving you the chance (why, oh why?), you could at least ATTEMPT not to blow it.

STEVE CZECH: You should be benched if I have to drive up to Duluth and sit on you in order to accomplish it.

I would probably have more people to lock up if I'd been able to listen to either game this weekend (although I might not have been able to survive listening to the Saturday night game), but remember that job that I always complain about? Well, it hasn't gotten any better.

Mason Raymond, you rock my socks off. Continue to rock my socks off for three more years, and I will be a happy person. I love our freshman class. And Matt McKnight. And I even love Jeff McFarland right now, although he's been a resident of the HSWCHA in the past (see, I'm a forgiving person), because he dropped the gloves this weekend. I never thought someone who goes mostly unnoticed in games would have so much rage built up. You and "Kemper the Wrecker" are awesome!

Some days, you eat the cow, and some days, the cow eats you.


Guacaholic said...

Dan Kronick is go gross.
What a crappy series that was... But this was agreat post. Love the sarcasm.

Anonymous said...

You my friend are a fat mess.

DC said...

Dude, be nice!

And Katie, I've started the updates again, just for you!

Anonymous said...

Glad to link to you. I had a different UMD blog linked but they NEVER seemed to post anything about hockey. Yours has hockey and is funny.

Anonymous said...