26 November 2009


Thanks for reading. I am amazed, every time, when someone new tells me they read this. I doubt I will ever get used to it. Plus, unlike the team, RWD readers never stress me out. Thanks for the fun comments, and the emails, and the couches to sleep on, and for buying Peanut Butter Hjelle Time shirts, and the drinks, and the zany cheers and signs, and the RWD links on your sites, and the fantastic friendships, and the inspiration, and the incredible memories.

Happy Thanksgiving!

24 November 2009


Anaheim Ducks podcast with MacGregor Sharp!!

Nerdy podcast man takes a shot at college hockey in the middle there.

21 November 2009

Grand Theft Bulldog

UMTC 3, tUMD 4 (OT)
UMTC 2, tUMD 3

Let's talk about how epic this weekend was. I can describe it with two events.

First. When Travis Oleksuk scored the game-winner with twelve seconds left in overtime on Friday, my brother (who was watching at my dad's) jumped up, launching the small dog in his lap across the room.

Second. When I got home from the game on Saturday, I had this email from my cousin:
If anyone so much as mentions that there were hockey games between UMD and UM (henceforth to be known not very affectionately as the "south campus”) at Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday, that person will not only not have any stuffing but will also not receive dessert...
Sweep-sweep-sweep, sweep-sweep-sweep, sweep-sweep sweep sweepsweep! (Sing that to the tune of "Jingle Bells." Top 40 material right here.)

How did this happen? I don't even know. Tenacity? Luck? Skill? Determination? A desire to please me? All of these things and more?

I went to both games. There are about a million reasons why I love being a Bulldogs fan, and being at Mariucci reminded me of a few. Like, ticket prices, atmosphere at games, the ability to hear the public address, parking for free or almost free (depending on what time of year), being able to move around during intermission without having to practically crowd-surf...

Being at Mariucci is pretty fun. The crowd really gets into it. I mean, at times there were five whole people in the student section cheering! They are also really nice to opposing fans, and extremely punctual. Nobody came in more than 11 minutes into the game.

Gopher fans simply do not know how to trash talk, and it is sad. I have a lot more respect for someone who runs their mouth the whole game than someone who randomly starts up in the middle of the 3rd period, once the Gophers have tied it up. I love going back and forth with people. As long as they are sane, we usually end up having fun.

Gopher fans are also extremely hilarious when they accuse the refs of a bias against them. Now they know how pretty much every other team feels when they play the Gophers! Ah well. Justice was served.

Now let's discuss some individuals. Of course all of you guys are fantastic but there are a few who I must chat with.

Travis Oleksuk
Overtime goal = amazing. You caused a dog to be launched. Also you shut up so many idiots. Please don't miss any more games.

Jack Connolly
Always excellent. You got Team Cougar a lot of fantasy points this weekend and you made the Gophers look silly focusing all their attention on Fontaine. Mike Hoeffel tried to recreate one of your Friday night goals but failed, swinging away like it was baseball. Additionally, your parents looked very nice on TV.

Chad Huttel
You are a very good goalie. Thank you.

Kenny Reiter
You are a good goalie too, but I do question some of your choices. Playing the puck is cool. But there are five other guys on the ice who can help you out when there are guys from the other team there.

Justin Fontaine
Sorry you had to be triple-teamed, but the Gophers just aren't man enough to go one-on-one with you.

Kyle Schmidt
I thoroughly enjoyed you making Kangas look foolish. You certainly have a talent for embarrassing the opponents. Continue!

Mike Connolly
It was great when you deked out three Gophers. I wonder if they collected their jockstraps off the ice themselves or if the Gophers had to hire someone for that purpose. It would have been incredibly sweet if you had scored, but it still looked neat.

Wins until we reach last season's total: 4! (SWEEPALICIOUS!)
Points until we reach last season's total: 14! (Keep rackin' them up!)

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 21! (Still the nation's points leader!)
Brady Lamb: 8 (Obviously jitters at being added to Team Cougar)
Mike Seidel: 5! (Embellishment, my you-know-what!)

Dylan Olsen: 8!
Mike Seidel: 5!
Keegan Flaherty: 2
Wade Bergman: 1
Dan Delisle: 1
Jake Hendrickson: 1
Drew Olson: 1

Jacky: 21!
Mikey: 14!

Drew: 1
Dylan: 8!

Olson: 10
Akins: 15

On Notice
Dan Delisle
Keegan Flaherty
David Grun
Jake Hendrickson
Chad Huttel
Drew Olson

Goals Only
Drew Akins
Rob Bordson
Jordan Fulton
Dylan Olsen

19 November 2009

Dirty Dozen

Today is Dirty's birthday.

Dirty is a pretty neat person who I talk to pretty much every day. On the InterWebs, of course, because he lives in the middle of nowhere and we are both sociopaths who eschew normalcy.

Dirty makes me laugh pretty much every time I talk to him. We are also always simultaneously reacting in the same bizarre way to the most random of things. I really need to start saving examples because I don't know if that even made sense. He'll know what I mean.

12 Hilarious Things Involving Dirty

1. He posted this picture on SiouxSports a few years ago. At least, I think it was him, but if not, I now associate it with him.

2. Last year I had to drive MEg, Dirty, and Dirty's vile henchman to the airport on Christmas Day. I got confused driving in construction and we ended up going the wrong way and I had about a thimbleful of gas in my tank and it might also have been snowing. Dirty was in the backseat of the car yelling like he was a televangelist about how we were never going to make it to the airport. I think you had to be there but it was really funny. They were pretty desperate for a driver, clearly.

3. Last year I named Dirty Blogger Hottie of the Year. It offended people. Just like pretty much every post on his hilarious blog. He did make a typo in the post by saying "a historic" rather than "an historic."

4. USCHO poster Jockstock (rumoured to be Tyler Hirsch) wrote this ode to Dirty.

5. This post on Dirty's Diatribe not only epitomizes his love/hate relationship with Startthebus, but it also is a quintessential Dirty/fan interaction.

6. At a Gopher-Sioux game, Danny Irmen told Dirty he liked his cape, and that his sister had one just like it. Dirty has some great interactions with players. And also Gwoz. I was amazed that that post had 41 comments but pretty much all of them are in Chinese or Korean or something.

7. I Gauntletted Dirty (remember when I used to do that?). It is a terrifying example of how similar we are. Two insane egos fighting for control. I totally claim responsibility for Dirty starting a blog, as I suggested it in the interview.

8. Dirty got in a game-long argument with this 14-year-old kid from Ashland at a tUMD/UND game at tDECC. MEg and I got stuck with this kid this year and sent Dirty a little photo greeting. This kid can not WAIT until Dec 4/5.

9. Dirty was obsessed with Chris "Hollywood" Clark and his spiky hair. He used to give hair tips on USCHO but ran out and now uses a tip from Hollywood himself permanently: "when its minus 20 and u have to go outside.. make sure u wear a winter hat as the mohawk does not enjoy the winter weathe[r]."

10. Dirty makes the most amazing shirts, including a "Tech Fans: Have you seen me?" Casey Pierro-Zabotel shirt or a picture of Dude Love deep-throating a hot dog captioned "I score more than Tech."

11. If I ever need to make an offensive but hilarious comment, I can always always always make it to Dirty and he never finds it offensive and usually is either already thinking the same thing or at least finds it hilarious.

12. Just terrifying.


18 November 2009

MACGREGOR SHARP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anaheim Ducks Recall MacGregor Sharp

AIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is AWESOME news. Congratulations MacGregor! Way to represent the Bulldogs. Let's hope you get more than just a cup of coffee!!

(Just in case you are scoring at home, there are 3 former My Guys who are playing/have played in the NHL: Nisky, Garrison, and Sharp. If that's not an endorsement for enduring my creepiness, what is?)

17 November 2009

Multiple Personalities

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I am schizophrenic
and so am I

I think I've used that on here before, but I think it's funny. UMDDogz should know where I got that poem from... let's see if he chimes in.

ALL THAT because holymotherofjustification, I am the TWEET OF THE WEEK on INCH. Biddco let me know!

There's some boring stuff to scroll through, and then:

about 4 hats on the ice … pathetic

The people behind the Minnesota Duluth Runnin’ with the Dogs blog tweeted this message shortly after the Bulldogs’ Justin Fontaine scored his third goal in Saturday’s 8-1 rout of Michigan Tech (he would add a fourth goal before all was said and done). The message touches on an INCH pet peeve: If you are wearing a hat to a hockey game and a player scores three goals, it is your duty to toss said hat onto the ice.

Don’t want to chuck your favorite lid? Bring one you don’t care about. And
even if it is your best hat, throw it anyway—the good karma you’ll get from the
hockey gods will far surpass the out-of-pocket cost of replacing it.

Just a quick note to INCH: there is only one person behind RWD. One schizoid crazy stalkerific person. Also, you made a spelling error which I corrected.

PEOPLE. IT IS REALLY SAD WHEN I CAN NAME ALL BUT ONE OF THE FOUR PEOPLE WHO THREW THEIR HATS ON THE ICE: BIDDCO, DHG, and a dude who was at Old Chicago whose name I do not recall, I am sorry sir, but I applaud your effort, as I saw that you threw your stocking hat, missed the ice the first time, had someone throw it back at you, and then threw it again successfully. (Biddco, who is always helpful, identified this person as tHendoTwins from tPB.)

IT IS NOT LIKE THIS HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. OMFG. FOR REALS. UNACCEPTABLE. Now, when Jacky gets a hat trick on Friday against UND, you mofos better not mess it up. I am bringing a hat to every game. It will be easy as I will just steal one of Biddcos out of his room.

On an unrelated note, is it bad that it's 7:56 PM and I am drinking my 4th cup of coffee?

15 November 2009

A Day Late and a Dollar Short/Eight is Enough

tUMD 2, Fortunate Nerds 3/tUMD 8, Unfortunate Nerds 1

Oh, I totally failed you all this weekend, I'm sorry. Except I did tweet the Saturday game! Awesome! I tried to avoid typos. It was kind of fun, but it also sort of took away from my maximum enjoyment.

So, Friday. Went to the Coach's Show lunch at tSports Garden. Failed to listen to most of what Sandelin was saying as I was arguing with Ciskie's father-in-law. We have differing views on the team. I will leave it at that. Then they had a drawing and called my ticket number and I yelled "THAT'S ME!" and came on down like it was The Price is Right. And I had to run by Sandy to get it at the front table, where Bob Nielsen was sitting. And it was also live on the radio. Fortunately, there were like 10 people at the brunch and most were geriatric, and who listens to the radio anyway? This sort of ruined my plans to talk to Nielsen about the one-sided article in the Duluth News Tribune about the student section, because 1. the geriatrics were monopolizing him and 2. I had sort of wrecked my credibility by looking like a moron. At least I didn't yell "F*** YEAH!" or something. That would really ruin my case.

The game pretty much depressed me. Especially when the Huskies scored in the middle of the 2nd goal lap. And also the sign that I made offended an idiot. It said "EVERY TIME A COWBELL RINGS" and on the back "GOD KILLS A HUSKY," with KILL in red letters and paint splattered on the sign like blood. That's not really that bad. I didn't draw a dead dog or anything. I should have.

Good things from Friday include goals from JACKY!!!!! and Mikey Seidel, with a Brady Lamb assist on the Jacky goal, which means that all of My Guys had points. I didn't think tUMD played particularly poorly, as they had about a million chances that just didn't pan out. Some days you have the puck luck, some days you don't. Some days you eat the bear, some days the bear eats you. Other good things include seeing my bestie and Biddco after a long period of not seeing them.

Then Saturday.

Saturday we made a bunch of signs including a NORTH WISCONSIN sign with a map of Wisconsin and the UP; a Revenge of the Nerds-themed sign, and one that just said NO. The NO sign was probably the most hilarious. It was so universally applicable.

Then we went to the MTU alumni dinner at tGarden, but I missed out on 1. talking to Jamie Russell and 2. seeing the hottie who is in charge of the MTU alumni stuff. Tragedy. I saw Jamie for like 10 seconds as he was leaving. Then I saw Ross walking like a robot as he was walking to the bathroom to throw up. Before the game. Way to go.

Since Tech won on Friday, Biddco lost the bet he had with MeanEgirl. This meant he had to wear her Kinrade jersey. Then she listed off about 800 things we could not do, including 1. cover the jersey 2. throw it on the floor OR ground 3. throw it in the lake 4. take it off 5. put pins or tape on it or 6. allow anyone else to wear it. Biddy and I got creative and realized he could still ride the pony with it (in front of the Tech parents, which was a bad idea) and also he could hike up his pants and tuck it in like a nerd (ALSO in front of the Tech parents, which was ALSO a bad idea). I laughed so hard I could barely walk. He looked amazing.

He looked ESPECIALLY amazing running EIGHT laps, as tUMD scored EIGHT goals. What? And Justin Fontaine had 4 of them! tUMD fans are lame and only 4 people threw hats on the ice. THAT IS PATHETIC, PEOPLE. PATHETIC. I am going to have to start wearing hats to games simply to make sure I'm ready in case of emergency. Really, there were some stupid hats being worn. Get with the program, people! It's been 5 years since the last one! Did you forget how it worked? I wish I had a YouTube video of Fonz's 3rd goal. Oh my. BIG weekend for Brady Lamb and MCON as well, and former My Guy Rob Bordson. Biddy and I discovered the secret to Rob Bordson's newfound amazingness, although I will not share.

SO incredibly proud of how the guys responded after Friday's loss. Now come down to the Cities and sweep the Gophers.

Wins until we reach last season's total: 6! (Let's knock that down some more this weekend!)
Points until we reach last season's total: 18! (Keep rackin' them up!)

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 18! (Another awesome weekend!!!!)
Brady Lamb: 8! (Elevating his game to a new level!!!)
Mike Seidel: 4! (Superb!!!)

Dylan Olsen: 6!
Mike Seidel: 4!
Keegan Flaherty: 2!
Wade Bergman: 1
Dan Delisle: 1
Jake Hendrickson: 1
Drew Olson: 1

Jacky: 18!
Mikey: 13! (Catching up!)

Drew: 1
Dylan: 6!

Olson: 8
Akins: 15

On Notice
Dan Delisle
Jordan Fulton
David Grun
Jake Hendrickson
Chad Huttel
Drew Olson

Goals Only
Drew Akins
Rob Bordson
Cody Danberg
Dylan Olsen

13 November 2009

Friday XIII, Part 2

Last time it was Friday the 13th, this happened. Tech nerds, beware!

11 November 2009

Stay... Just a Little Bit Longer

With rumors surrounding the future of Runnin' with the Dogs, the Bulldogs’ blogger has stated she has no intention to leave the eponymous blog.

“I am fully committed to this team and blog,” said RWD, who serves a humorous foil to typical sports journalists such as Bruce Ciskie and Kevin Pates. “I have no intention of leaving college early to blog for pro hockey.”

“It is unfortunate that these rumors continue to come out and I have no idea where they begin. I think it’s important for me to publicly state that I am going nowhere. I am dedicated to this team and plan to help them reach their goals for the remainder of this season and future years.”

RWD was the first amateur college hockey blogger on the Web and has been the center of several internet rumors over recent months regarding her future in college and professional hockey blogging.

07 November 2009

It Was a Good Day

tUMD 2, Lucky Sons-of-you-know-whats 6

Yo. We have to keep it real up in this piece. Check ourselves prior to wrecking ourselves.

I'm feeling like ripping off a rapper tonight. Let's do this. The video has naughty words. Just sayin'.

Just waking up in the morning gotta thank God
I don't know but today seems kinda odd
Big win from the 'Dogs, no smog
Got a lotta folks surfin' to my blog
I got my work on, but didn't stay long
Finally game time for the Bulldogs, gotta play strong
Hooked my plasma TV up to the B2
Got the home team call radio feed too
Game time is soon, countin' down to the clock stop
The centermen get set, time to take the puck drop
Huttel in the box for a trip
Didn't have to touch the guy, made himself flip
And everything is alright
Campion and Beaurline have got our backs all night
CC gets on the board from Mike Testwuide
Then in the box again, try to make 'em bleed
Get out the first only down by one
But we won on Friday, this is just for fun
Don't matter how we play on Saturday
Still in the game, today was a good day

In the second got a goal by Schmidt
Didn't even need the refs to go review it
Fans boo because the goal judge turned on the light
But CC high sticked and the Dogs gotta fight
Call's even, Hjelle gets roughing but of course he's not leavin'
Time to play Don't Stop Believin'
Give up a couple more goals, they got us runnin 'round
Knock em down on the ground
Shake em up, shake em up, shake em up, shake em
Pair off with a couple of Tigers and watch us break em
Get the face, face-washin', face-maskin'
Penalties even and we play the game awhile five on five
Because no more Tigers had to take a dive
Prosser froze the puck in the crease, but they let us play
Today was a good day

Third period starts up
Power play got nothin' so we don't miss the puck luck
Ref has his say, Lowery hits Akins on a breakaway
But he might not have scored anyway
So he puts both Drews in the box
CC gets a lucky shot, Dylan Olsen walks
Another penalty, penalty, penalty
Just after one gets free
Mike Seidel gets a goal
but we're running out of time to dig outta this hole.
Huttel goes crazy to get a spark
Probably gonna leave a mark, kicked him outta the park
But he's not banned for the next game
And the other guy got two minutes of blame
Refs ask Olsen and Akins to leave
Though it's for the best, we're our own worst enemies.
Campion gives us a few tweets
Power plays even up on the stats sheet
End the game with a hooking call on Deboer,
Thanks guys, but I don't think we need it anymore.
We never got started it's too late now,
We're gonna need those favors another day, anyhow.
Didn't even need the refs' help to throw the game away.
I got to say it was a good day.

Numbers tomorrow. Or something. Word to your mother.

Oh What a Night!

tUMD 4, Fanless Wonders 3

From the way this game ended, the intensity and the excitement, one would think this game had been played in March. Or April, almost. I'm still in my jersey and I probably didn't stop shaking for about 10 minutes after the game. I am listening to CMT radio on Rhapsody right now to try to mellow out. MeanEgirl just died a little inside upon reading this. If she still reads RWD. I consider this a test. Although it's a stupid test because I know Biddco still reads it and will tell her. But Biddco likes to be mentioned on RWD. So everyone wins.

In case you are unaware, UMD has a really really really really really really really long winless-on-Friday-nights-in-league-play-on-the-road streak. Or history. Or something. It's not actually a streak, but it is an unpleasant trend over the last several years.

I hope this is the start of something new.

I'm going to make a call right here and say that it is.

Can I just say how insanely in love I am with this team right now? I mean, not romantically. Platonically. And as a whole, not as individuals, so please, no need for legal actions. But who wouldn't be? Seriously. They have found so many different ways to win a hockey game. Come-from-behind, lead-all-the-way, and now regain-the-lead. How about HUGE BLOWOUT tomorrow? I would not object.

The second period... could just be forgotten. Erased from existence.

That was fun! Anyway. Why dwell on the negatives? That is Sandy's job! I do this for free! I want to be duckies and bunnies!

I missed the first goal, as I worked. If you follow me on Twitter, or simply look at the Twitter box in the sidebar on the left, you can see that I rejoiced in the late start time as it meant I could work more overtime. I have switched from alcohol to workohol, it seems. So I got home just in time for the goal to be scored. I did see Mike Seidel's goal, though, and celebrated. I didn't even get too angry when CC scored.

Ok, then things happened. Remember: erased from existence. A penalty shot occurred but it actually HAS been erased from existence, at least on the stat sheet. A save was made on it. By Kenny Reiter.

An avid RWD reader asked me via text today, and if you don't mind, I will present the transcript here.

Avid RWD Reader: Think we can win 2 nite
RWD: F*** yeah, oleksuk power!!!!

I'm a genius. Oleksuk got his first goal as a Bulldog tonight! The first of about 10 million! Even though a stupid jerk on CC tried to take out his knee! I will take out YOUR knee, CC jerk, Jeff Gillooly style! Or maybe not. Ole wasn't hurt so I can be calm. Just under five minutes later, a person took a penalty for CC. I looked down at my computer screen, and I looked up and there was brief hugging and then STATIONARY TIGER HEAD (who assassinated FLOATING TIGER HEAD in a military coup) appeared and then the audio caught up and Kyle Schmidt had scored!!!! OMFGWTFBANANABBQ!!!1!!1! (Speaking of long strings of letters, the stat sheet has that goal as EA DP GW LL. It would have been neat to also add SH and HT)

Then Kishel got a hooking penalty and I died a little and then Fults got a cross-checking penalty and I died a lot. It meant UMD would spent over a minute killing a 5 on 3, and the remainder of the game on the penalty kill. And oh, the stress. And then the added stress as Coach Owens believed that an empty net was preferable to sieve Joe Howe, so it was 6 on 3. DA texted me and referred to the situation as "exciting." I pulled large chunks of hair out of my head. We all react differently.

However, it was not really 6 on 3, as recently drafted defenceman "Pipe" decided to get into the game. Since the referees did not notice him, we were not called for a too many men penalty, and he proved invaluable in the UMD win. Scott "Chuck Yeager" Kishel also broke the sound barrier getting out of the penalty box and into the fray as his penalty expired. I was staring at the television with my eyes bugging out of my head like the old man getting hooked in the "PENALTY" graphic at the DECC, and somehow UMD kill both penalties AND the game and I had a grand mal seizure.


Wins until we reach last season's total: 7! (Briefly in 1st place til DU won!)
Points until we reach last season's total: 20! (Yes!!!)

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 15! (And somehow named first star of the game!?)
Brady Lamb: 4! (Another power play goal!)
Mike Seidel: 2! (Two game point streak!!!)

Dylan Olsen: 4! (Family in attendance! Need to get goal tomorrow!)
Mike Seidel: 2!
Wade Bergman: 1
Dan Delisle: 1
Keegan Flaherty: 1
Jake Hendrickson: 1
Drew Olson: 1

Jacky: 15!
Mikey: 7

Drew: 1
Dylan: 4!

Olson: 6
Akins: 6
(This is so weird! The Drews are staying out of the box!)

On Notice
Dan Delisle
Keegan Flaherty
David Grun
Jake Hendrickson
Chad Huttel

Goals Only
Cody Danberg
Jordan Fulton
Mike Montgomery
Dylan Olsen
Drew Olson

04 November 2009


I know that CC fans and teams are universally despised by the DU faithful, but is that really where it ends? I've been doing some digging into the program lately, and I'm wondering...

Does anyone actually like CC?

Their coaches don't.
Former UMTC assistant coach Mike Guentzel left CC for the USHL after just one undistinguised season under Scott Owens.

Their recruits don't.
First round draft pick John Moore elected not to come to CC mere weeks before he was slated to show up on campus. Recruit Colton St. Clair also bolted for UND.

Their goalies don't.
Richard Bachmann split after a less-than-impressive (relative to his freshman year) season, and freshman Hudson Stremmel didn't want to play second banana to fellow first-year Joe Howe. This gives hope to The Worst WCHA Fantasy Hockey Team Ever, whose only goalie (and first round draft pick!) is Tyler O'Brien.

Their administration doesn't.
CC players are constantly running afoul of the administration. However, if they didn't try to have three-ways with underage girls or dress up in blackface, maybe that would not be such a problem.

Their fans don't.
7 UMD fans outcheered the entire arena last year. I don't think they have a student fanbase. No one shows up in school colors, and in every crowd shot, everyone looks bored!

Their A/V staff doesn't.
They would rather broadcast "Floating Tiger Head" when play is underway than show their team.

Their bloggers don't.
never post. Or quit, like my buddy CCH.

Their mascot doesn't.
There are most likely less than 2000 tigers (of all subspecies!) left in the wild. Stupid horrible awful people poaching them? Or just shame at their CC (and also Detroit) association?

Really, who's left? Randy May?

01 November 2009

Things That Go Bump in the Night

tUMD 4, Violent Repeat Offenders 2

I know! I know! It has been over 24 hours since the game ended, and I have no real excuse for not posting. Other than no one cares.

Clarkson decided that rather than playing hockey, they wanted to play some sort of Ultimate Cagefighting Penalty Fest. UMD is no stranger to numerous penalties. We average just under 23 per game. WHAT. That's over a period of hockey. Argh. Mostly this is because they get stupid 10 minute misconducts for nothing. Or get CFBs. Hm. Whatever. Just keep winning!

I'm so bummed I wasn't at this game. There were SO MANY SHENANIGANS and I did not get involved in ANY OF THEM. AND my sweet little Mikey Seidel GOT HIS FIRST GOAL! I think I blew my cat's eardrums out. The first of many, I'm sure!!

Ok, I'm going to make up for this later in the week. blahhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Wins until we reach last season's total: 8 (EZAC!)
Points until we reach last season's total: 22 (EZAC!)

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 14! (DIVISION ONE POINTS LEADER!!!!)
Brady Lamb: 3! (Yay!!!)
Mike Seidel: 1! (First goal as a Bulldog!!!)

Dylan Olsen: 3
Wade Bergman: 1!
Dan Delisle: 1
Keegan Flaherty: 1
Jake Hendrickson: 1
Drew Olson: 1
Mike Seidel: 1!
(all freshmen now have a point)

Jacky: 14!
Mikey: 7!

Drew: 1
Dylan: 3

Olson: 6
Akins: 6

On Notice
Dan Delisle
David Grun
Jake Hendrickson
Chad Huttel
Mike Montgomery

Goals Only
Cody Danberg
Keegan Flaherty
Jordan Fulton
Dylan Olsen
Drew Olson