31 August 2008

A Midsummer Night's Post

Oh comrades, I know it's been awhile since I said anything, but I don't think anyone's really sad about that. And if you are, well, I suggest medication.
The season is still a little over a month away, but I'm started to really get excited. Something about the Twins playing infuriatingly inconsistent baseball makes me think of my wonderful Bulldogs. Hmm...
Really the only purpose of this post is to relay a very odd and obscure incident that happened to me last week. I was at work at Spacely's Space Sprockets* in a training and anyone who works at a job anywhere that has trainings knows that the first order of business is for everyone to introduce themselves in a cheesy way. You know, like "Two Truths and a Lie" or "Adjective That Starts With the First Letter of Your Name." In this case it was "Something Interesting About Yourself," which seems vague and indeed, some people had a lot of trouble with it, as they often do (Space Sprocketeers aren't exactly known for their creativity), and said dumb stuff like "I'm from South Dakota" or "I'm pregnant" (those are actually boring facts). I usually say something about hockey (My "lie" on two truths and a lie is usually "I'm a die-hard Gophers fan") and the facillitator said "Oh wow, well my family is into hockey etc etc etc, and my brother in law is a college hockey ref."
I looked at her name tag again and realized the last name made sense, and yes, he is indeed a WCHA assistant referee. Because I can recall the names of many of the ARs, and that makes me a sad individual.
What makes me an even sadder person is that I went online to College Hockey Stats during my break and looked through some games to see if he had reffed any tUMD games recently, and I found some. What makes it such a big deal is that he happened to be an AR in a series in which two mistakes, one a too many men on the ice call and one an offsides call, the only calls ARs are supposed to be making, cost tDogs 2 games. And I relayed this to the trainer and she laughed and said "Donna, you're talking about games that happened almost a year ago, you need to get over it," and I said "No, the games happened two years ago," and everyone laughed a little uncomfortably like they realized they were in a room with the hockey equivalent of David Helfgott (the guy from the movie Shine, also known as Shiney McShine). Then we all watched a YouTube video of one of the other guys in the room motorcycle racing in Brainerd and everyone forgot about the weird hockey savant.
The next post will be more interesting. I'm just waiting for them to post the new roster pics so we can all drool over them. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm....
*I don't actually work for Spacely's Space Sprockets. However, MEg does.