02 May 2010

The All-WCHA Hottie Teams

For reals this time.

Coach: Jamie Russell*****
Assistant Coach: Brett Larson*
Blogger: Ryan Lambert, The Two-Line Pass

1st team:
F Mike Seidel, UMD
F Ryan Peckskamp***, SCSU
F Chris VandeVelde***, UND
D Ben Youds*, MSUM
D Drew Olson, UMD
G Brett Bennett, UW

2nd team:
F Mitch Bruijsten, UAA
F Craig Smith, UW
F Justin Jokinen*, MSUM
D Kane Lafranchise**, UAA
D Matt Donovan, DU
G Lars Paulgaard*, DU

3rd Team:
F Drew Akins, UMD
F Darcy Zajac**, UND
F Malcolm Gwilliam**, MTU
D Jake Gardiner, UW
D William Wrenn, DU
G Aaron Crandall, UMD

Freshman Team:
F Mike Seidel, UMD
F Craig Smith, UW
F Mitch Bruijsten, UAA
D Drew Olson, UMD
D Matt Donovan, DU
G Aaron Crandall, UMD

* denotes two-time honoree
** denotes three-time honoree
*** denotes four-time honoree
***** denotes six-time honoree

I know I said last year that the All-Hottie First Team goalie was to be renamed in honor of Robby Nolan, but, um, it was an especially rough year for the goalies. I mean, we have our 2nd-team All-Hottie goalie with Kate Gosselin's old haircut.
MTU has already updated their roster so I don't have a pic for Malcolm.
UMD's website is stupid and doesn't have links to individual players. I have some creative results.
I probably could have put together an All-Albino team this year. Frickin' scary, people.


Unknown said...

ONCE AGAIN... Podge is snubbed! WHAT THE EFF?!

This blog has ZERO credibility.

And WOW, does it suck without RoNo... It's as if all the WCHA goalies' names were thrown in a hat and three were drawn. It's a sad year for goalies.

vizoroo said...

I've been ungeeked! Now I can comment again.

Yes, I too noticed an unhealthy number of albino types. What's with that? Frickin' scary is right!

Zajac :-o! VV is almost understandable (not really for a DU fan) but Zajac :-o OMG!

I couldn't really tell, but does Drew Olson have a great butt? Is that his best feature?

And we know Mike Seidel made the list because you have his jersey. Guess he'll be getting 3 stars before he graduates.

Poor Podge, Poor, Poor Podge. You could have given him an honorable mention just because MeG's your friend.

Hope Rhett won't be too distressed he didn't make the list. Heh Heh

DC said...

No, no, Viz. It's the other way around. I got Mike's jersey BECAUSE he was First-Team material.

And the name Podge is just such a turn-off. I don't know if even Robby Nolan could pull that off.

vizoroo said...

You should be ashamed!
Putting Crandall on the Hottie list instead of Hjelle and now Hjelle leaves school.
Caveat: I don't know what Hjelle looks like, so...

Hope you sold all the T shirts :-o

vizoroo said...

BTW, How did Aaron Crandall get 29 penalty minutes when he played in Des Moines(?)
Goalie with a temper???

vizoroo said...

Think your recruit just made DG's Bad Boyz list.
He may not even get a chance to make the Hottie List.