28 March 2005

Is the West really the best? Or are you just stoned on weed?

An All-WCHA Frozen Four.

Sick, ain't it? Who would have thought?

Well, a lot of people. It would be much better, if the Bulldogs were there, but ending up 6th in a conference where all 4 teams are in the NCAA semifinals... well, it's not like we ended 5th in the CHA. It's not like we're in the CHA at all. So we can be proud of that.

I don't usually make picks for tournaments (although UCONN won me some money last year in the basketball tourney), so I didn't have any picks on who would make it to Columbus. However, I guess I can take a shot at the champion now.

My pick is not North Dakota, because they have been playing strong of late, but the 2-week break will kill their momentum. 2 week break = 0 velocity. Momentum = mass x velocity. 0 x mass = 0 g*m/s.
My pick is not Denver, because they do not play great hockey. They play decently enough to get this far, but they bored me in the Final Five Championship game. ZZZZZZ. Good thing for beer and wings.
My pick is not Minnesota, because Briggs is weak and Barry Tallackson has netted his last goal as a college hockey player. They managed to catch Maine on their only mistake of the day. They did not deserve a #1 seed.
My pick is not Colorado, because they play an amazing game of hockey one day, and go out and suck the next day. Who knows who will show up?

So, basically, no one can win. Riiiiiiight.

p.s. if CC can get past Denver they will win it all. And they should be able to do that!

15 March 2005

Lucien, Jr.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Oh yeah. That's pretty great. Junior Lessard, before the Bulldogs, before Hobey Baker, before that ugly picture of him drunk that was on SiouxSports.com.
Thanks to the Penalty Box for the link!

12 March 2005

That's All, Folks


I'm at a loss. I'm stunned. I'm totally in disbelief. The season went out, not with a bang, but a whimper. Evidently the only person really playing this weekend was Tim Stapleton.

I didn't give up. But it seemed like some of the 'Dogs did.

Here's to next season. I'll be waiting.

10 March 2005

The All-WCHA Hottie Teams!

What you've been waiting for!!

This year's hotties cover 9 of the WCHA teams (CC did not have any candidates! They didn't even bother to look nice or even comb their hair in their photos!)

Coach: Jamie Russell (MTU)

1st Team
F- Evan Schwabe (UMD)
F- Chris Porter (UND)
F- Gabe Gauthier (UD)
D- Zach Blom (UD)
D- Kyle Peto (MSUM)
G- Kyle Nixon (MSUM)

2nd Team
F- AJ Degenhardt (UW)
F- Colin Murphy (MTU)
F- Charlie Kronschnabel (UAA)
D- Aaron Brocklehurst** (SCSU)
D- Ryan McMullan (UAA)
G- Cam Ellsworth (MTU)

3rd Team
F- Brad Thompson (MSUM)
F- Chris Connor (MTU)
F- Justin Bourne (UAA)
D- no one hot enough
D- Alex Goligoski (UMN)
G- Jake Brandt (UND)

F- Merit Waldrop (UAA)
F- Ryan Dingle (UD)
F- Malcom Gwilliam (MTU)
D- Zach Blom (UD)
D- Aaron Brocklehurst** (SCSU)
G- no freshmen goalies were good looking

*not enough hott defensemen
**only made it for his resemblance to Jim Morrison