30 October 2005

UMD Announces New Assistant Coach

From the Duluth News-Tribune

"Thanks to her amazing pep talk going into the Michigan Tech series, the University of Minnesota-Duluth has announced that Runninwiththedogs will be a new assistant coach of the Bulldogs' mens hockey team. Head coach Scott Sandelin says he is excited about the new addition to the staff. '[Runninwiththedogs] is a real motivator, she really gets the point across to the guys in a way I was not capable of last year. I really wish she had been with the team last year, because we had the talent but not the heart. This year we've got a lot of young people coming in, and we want to exorcize any of the remaining demons from last year, so we can build a strong team. Anyone who can take a team that loses its first four games and give them a strong road win in the first league series of the year really knows what they are doing.' The coach was not alone in his sentiments. Senior Captain Steve Czech, who was loudly criticized by RWD last year for some key defensive mistakes, looks forward to her guidance. 'She's really shown me what I need to work on, and she doesn't pull any punches. If I had a bad game, she tells me. If I did a good job, she grudgingly admits it. I think if we'd had someone as tough as her last year, we'd have gutted it out and made it to the NCAA tournament.' Teammate Michael Gergen was not around last year for the disappointing season, but he notes that Runninwiththedogs has changed the atmosphere since she has been on board. 'Even if we lose, she still points out the bright spots, which is great, because that means she says a lot of things good about me. But she has a great way of getting right to the crux of any problem.' The Bulldogs are going into a home stand against key rival Minnesota, and things are looking brighter than they were a few days ago. Some home points against strong teams will get this team turned around, and the staff has every confidence that with this more complete coaching staff, they will have a strong showing in the next few series. On the lighter side, former Bulldog captain Evan Schwabe was reached for comment on the new coach. 'I wish [Runninwiththedogs] had been with the team last year. Man, is she hot.' That's what we hear."

Okay, so maybe that didn't really happen. There is a slight possibility I might not have had anything to do with the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING showing the 'Dogs had this past weekend. While I was watching the Denver-North Dakota game at Joe Senser's in Bloomington (with resident Sioux guru MafiaMan and former UW correspondent The Hick), the 'Dogs were busy beating the breezers off of Michigan Tech. Scoff if you will, but if the 'Dogs had played the way they had against Vermont and Bemidji, they could have been swept in Houghton. And then things could have been reaaaaaaaally ugly for the Minnesota series, and then HIDEOUS for the UND series, and that would be a real tragedy, because I'm going to the Saturday night game.

The thing is, THEY DIDN'T PLAY THAT WAY. They played WELL. I am HAPPY.
Key reasons:
1. Tim Stapleton found the net on the power play (thanks to Matt McKnight, who also set up Mason Raymond's first goal)
2. Michael G got another goal, which always makes me happy.
3. Mike Curry, offensive STUD, got two goals in less than a minute.
4. Isaac played well. I hope he will become the go-to guy, and we will no longer start our rookies on Friday night games.
5. All important entry into the W column, and 3 conference points! I won't even nitpick about the tie, because it was a road series, and 3 points in a road series is pretty darn good!


(p.s. to the UMD AD: if you DO want to make me an asst. coach, I have a crummy job I would give up in a heartbeat.)

25 October 2005

If You Can't Say Anything Nice...

... just say you love Michael Gergen and leave it at that.

Really, what else am I going to say? Stop taking stupid penalties? Stop getting MAJOR penalties? Put the puck in the net? Don't turn the puck over? I mean, these sorts of things are what you learn in, say, mini-mites. And all of these players have been in mini-mites (or the Canadian equivalent), so they should know. It's like in kindergarten when you learn to share, and listen when the teacher is talking, and not to pinch, and then you grow up and see other adults being selfish, talking over each other, and pinching people's behinds. You think what the heck, didn't you learn anything in kindergarten? There was a whole book written on the subject. Evan Schwabe should write a book about hockey: All I Need To Know About Hockey I Learned in Kindergarten. Then he will lovingly dedicate the book to ME. Right.


I am going to the North Dakota @ UMD game on 12 November AND YOU GUYS HAD BETTER MAKE ME PROUD because I am taking time off work and driving up there and I had to get up early to buy tickets and they were not super cheap. BUT I KNOW THE HOUSE WILL BE ROCKIN' AND YOU'LL PULL IT TOGETHER AND WIN IT FOR ME AND WE WILL JOIN HANDS AND SING KUMBAYAH.