19 March 2006

The All-WCHA Hottie Teams

The Runnin' With The Dogs tradition continues! Remember, amongst all the "post-season awards" being handed out by bloggers left and right, the All-WCHA Hottie Team is the only one that's a true tradition. Last year's winners can be seen here.

Once again, we have 9 schools represented, with St. Cloud State getting the snub. Sorry, better luck next year.

Coach: Jamie Russell*

1st Team:
F Danny Irmen, UMTC
F T.J. Oshie, UND
F Chris Porter*, UND
D Weston Tardy, CC
D Matt Carle, DU
G Rob Nolan, MTU

2nd Team:
F David Backes, MSUM
F Bryan McGregor, UMD
F Chris Conner*, MTU
D Lucas Fransen, MSUM
D RJ Linder, MSUM
G Nathan Lawson, UAA

3rd Team:
F Travis Zajac, UND
F Adam Burish, UW
F AJ Degenhart*, UW
D Zach Blom*, DU
D Kyle Radke, UND
G Kevin Hachey, MTU

F TJ Oshie, UND
F Jay Beagle, UAA
F MacGregor Sharp, UMD
D Matt Niskanen, UMD
D Taylor Chorney, UND
G Rob Nolan, MTU

* denotes two-time honoree


Anonymous said...

Don Lucia is not going to be pleased about missing out again...

Anonymous said...

I guess SCSU is a bunch of uggo's.

MeanEgirl said...

Good lists! Unfortunately, I feel as though Drew Stafford, Peter Mannino, and Casey Borer were wrongly left off the lists... =(

Anonymous said...

Where's Phil Kessel?

Anonymous said...

Good thing their good at hockey cause there's some damn ugly gopher players, I would say 4/5 of the team

Anonymous said...

Oh come on, David Backes is way hotter than Danny Irmen.

Anonymous said...

wow, you have terrible tastes in hockey players....I would definately agree that Peter Mannino and Drew Stafford should not have been left out, but what about Chris Butler and Glenn Fisher?? Not to mention Marty Sertich (although definately better last year in more ways than one). I would also add Merit Waldrop (UAA. Almost your whole 1st team is terrible, Irmen (looks like a gnome minus the red hat), Oshie (terrible hair but face not to bad), Porter (what a goon, his behavior alone makes him disgusting), and Tardy (all I have to say is eewwwee). Carle (totally hottie no matter how you cut it) and Nolan (yum) are great choices. I would have put Marty Sertich, Merit Waldrop, Drew Stafford, Matt Carle, Chris Butler, and Glenn Fisher on 1st team. All in all Denver has the hottest players.

Runninwiththedogs said...

It's a tough choice, every year all I have to go on is the team's photos, in which some people look totally gross, but might actually be hot.
Plus, people, remember, most hockey players are not hot.
Feel free to post your own lists. You can also email me your own if you want (dcarpentathotmail.com), and I could do a "readers" team.
Who are all you people, anyway?

Anonymous said...

Just to let everyone know, the Kessel posting was supposed to be sarcastic.

satnu said...

"wow, you have terrible tastes in hockey players"

...and teams. How are your BooBOO's?

Anonymous said...

F David Backes
F Gabe Gauthier
F Marty Sertich
D Tom Gilbert
D ?
G Rob Nolan

Oh baby.

It's about time female college hockey fans had this discussion.

Runninwiththedogs said...

I'm not understanding the Marty Sertich thing. Maybe if he got an eyebrow wax... As you can tell from my picks, though, I def. have a "type."
We deserve to have a conversation like this without people thinking we know nothing about hockey. For your 2nd question mark, may I suggest Matt Carle?

heirtobaron32 said...

If you see some of the UW players in person, they are MUCH better looking than the ugly pictures on the website and tv that they show!! Jack Skille is pretty hot as is Ben Street and Elliott is pretty good looking but his picture makes him look like a dweeb.

Runninwiththedogs said...

Maybe now that the Hottie awards are a little more public than they were last year, players will try a little harder in their photos. If you looked at last year's list, I didn't include anyone from CC because their pictures were obviously taken either after practice or a game, they were a mess!

Anonymous said...

Marty Sertich is just a little cutie pie.

Matt Carle's face looks deformed.

Anonymous said...

Your list is pretty good... there are definatly some more UND boys that I would put on it, but I guess that's because I go here...
Just to name a few

Anonymous said...

I have to say that Mike Prpich should be on this list because he is the hottest hokcey player i have ever seen!!!

Runninwiththedogs said...

Well gee, I wonder who would say that about Mike Prpich... Thanks for coming over from the SS board, folks!

Taylor said...

Yeah u are right to have TJ Oshie on there! im his #1 fan!!!