02 May 2010

The All-WCHA Hottie Teams

For reals this time.

Coach: Jamie Russell*****
Assistant Coach: Brett Larson*
Blogger: Ryan Lambert, The Two-Line Pass

1st team:
F Mike Seidel, UMD
F Ryan Peckskamp***, SCSU
F Chris VandeVelde***, UND
D Ben Youds*, MSUM
D Drew Olson, UMD
G Brett Bennett, UW

2nd team:
F Mitch Bruijsten, UAA
F Craig Smith, UW
F Justin Jokinen*, MSUM
D Kane Lafranchise**, UAA
D Matt Donovan, DU
G Lars Paulgaard*, DU

3rd Team:
F Drew Akins, UMD
F Darcy Zajac**, UND
F Malcolm Gwilliam**, MTU
D Jake Gardiner, UW
D William Wrenn, DU
G Aaron Crandall, UMD

Freshman Team:
F Mike Seidel, UMD
F Craig Smith, UW
F Mitch Bruijsten, UAA
D Drew Olson, UMD
D Matt Donovan, DU
G Aaron Crandall, UMD

* denotes two-time honoree
** denotes three-time honoree
*** denotes four-time honoree
***** denotes six-time honoree

I know I said last year that the All-Hottie First Team goalie was to be renamed in honor of Robby Nolan, but, um, it was an especially rough year for the goalies. I mean, we have our 2nd-team All-Hottie goalie with Kate Gosselin's old haircut.
MTU has already updated their roster so I don't have a pic for Malcolm.
UMD's website is stupid and doesn't have links to individual players. I have some creative results.
I probably could have put together an All-Albino team this year. Frickin' scary, people.