25 April 2007

Side Note

Still moonlighting over at the site of my idol, Bat-Girl.

However, a RWD HOCKEY RELATED ARTICLE is coming soon.

21 April 2007

I Guess They Let Any Idiot Have a Blog

No, that's not what people say when they read this blog. People just don't read this blog. (If a blog sucks on the internet and no one reads it, does it make a sound?)

It is, however, what people say when they read this blog.

Speaking of LaP, I saw him at the Final Five. I told him how I felt, meaning I screamed "YOU SUCK, LaP! I MISS CLAY MATVICK!" or something like that. Then I fled like the Paris High Command.

Speaking of the Final Five, I know I didn't do a recap, but it just wasn't as notable (read: drunk) this year. There were some jerks sitting behind me, too, who bothered me. It wasn't the same without the Dogs, either.

People I Met:
The Darkness
Some toothless dude who kept hugging MEg
Some dude who works with DA who bought me a beer
A hot guy from Maine
State Of Hockey (a.k.a. Skippy)

People I Saw Who I Already Knew:
tDHG and Mrs. DHG
The Rookie, Scotty, Howard and Turtle
The Hottest Girl in Alary's
MafiaMan and friends

People I Didn't See (AHEM!):
Let's Go Mavs
Badger Backer
USAFA Bulldog

People I Stalked:
Josh Miskovich
Either Steve Rohlik or a Steve Rohlik look-alike
Those horrible fat people from that team I hate

Next year, I expect to see tDogs there, or else...

20 April 2007


RWD the blog may not have any new content (other than some rage against the internet), but RWD the person is contributing to another site. Yep, I'm cheating on hockey.



I just wrote something and hit publish and the thing said it was published successfully BUT THAT WAS A LIE because NOTHING WAS THERE except the title and the labels.

:::chokes out a bitch:::


"I saw a wino, and he was eating grapes. I was like, dude, you have to wait." --Mitch Hedberg.

Sorry, LGM, but you have to wait, too.

02 April 2007

Silent All These Weeks

So, I'm sure no one noticed/cared, but I took a little break from writing after I finished up the All-Hottie Teams. That's probably indicative of what the next few months are going to be like. I'm not running silent like Donald, but you can't expect content every day. Could you expect content every day during the season? No, I'm not Goddard, I don't re-post newspaper articles and call it content...

Most of the next few months will involve me shoving my opinion down your throat longer, more editorial pieces. It takes a long time for 1,000 monkeys typing on 1,000 typewriters to come up with an opinion piece than it did to update Numbers or giggle about hot guys, so don't expect brilliance every two or three days.