19 December 2004

If You're Unhappy And You Know It...

...you're a 'Dogs fan. Yeah, it sucks. We pulled a "last year in the Final Four semis." I'm not too happy about it.

So I was at work and couldn't enjoy all the fun of hearing us blow it, but I did call my dad to find out that it was tied and we went into OT. I called later and he did not answer the phone. I crashed into my house, coat and shoes still on, checked the scores. OT LOSS. This is NOT the NHL. OTLs don't COUNT for CRAP.

The 'Dogs are off for a long time, and I hope they do a LOT of thinking about what they've done. Sitting in a corner. With no dessert. And early bedtimes.

As for me, I'll be sitting here with a bar of soap in my mouth.

Merry Stickmas and a Hockey New Year!

18 December 2004

If You're Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands

*clap, clap*

Yeah I'm happy. I mean, I hate ties, probably more than most people, but I would like to see us rack up some points this weekend, and we racked up 1. Now we should whip out a win tonight, and then we'll have 3 shiny points to show for this weekend.

But let's back the truck up here.
Derek Shepard was the referee? What? We had only 4 penalties? We had less penalties than the other team? HUH?????
Have we gone through the Twilight Zone here?
We even got a power play goal. (Denver got a PPG and a SHG, but forget about that.)

We even had a lead. A lead!
Now I don't know about you, but I'd be happy with a 5-4 loss tonight, if only we'd gotten a win in the Frozen Four... but I'm focusing on the positives here.

The Hams (Hammond and Hambly) come up with a goal and an assist each.
For a team with an average of 21.1 PIM, we only had 8.
A win tonight puts us in a tie for 5th with Denver.

I want to listen! I hate working retail! I don't want to be at work til 11:30! I want to listen to the gaaaaame! I wish I was in Duluth!!!!
*end whining*

Let's Go 'Dogs!

17 December 2004

An Early Christmas Present

So we squeaked out a win against NoDak in the final minute last Saturday.
I couldn't be happier! That hottie Evan Schwabe getting 2 goals, including the game winner!

I guess I could have been happier if we hadn't been pretty much thumped on Friday night. That was sort of embarrassing. And I wasn't listening on Saturday! Laaaaaaaaaaame.

Anyway, tonight we're facing Denver. This is a must-win. Every game is a must-win.
But we have to beat Denver to make up for last year's embarrassing come-from-ahead loss in the NCAAs. WE should have been kicking Maine's ass, not Denver. Isaac R. should have been a wall during that 5 on 3, not Adam B.

Tonight, let's bring out the broom.

06 December 2004

Blowin' Up The Stat Counter

Holy crap! I was lying when I said there were naked pictures of me on this site! I didn't think anyone would actually believe that! But I guess how else do I explain over 100 new hits in just a few days, when I was lucky to get one hit some days? I guess it also explains why no one stayed more than 30 seconds.

On a sad note, I guess Rhino Lining doesn't sponsor all the hits anymore, so the joke doesn't make any sense. And they don't have those great Keyport Liquor commercials! Depressing.

You know, I started this site with grandiose hopes and dreams, but I Am Lazy, so now it's sort of unstructured. And UMDDogz never posts. And the Alleged Webmaster never designed me a nice site. And I have only seen one game so far this season.

But that's all well and good! Because I'm still having a good time keeping this site afloat.

The current goal is to go to Duluth on Friday.


Ahem. Thank you. That is all.

04 December 2004

Drivin' With The Dogs

So, here I am in Buckyland, mourning the 'Dogs' defeat. But losing 3-2 against Wisconsin ain't too shabby. I think we're READY for next weekend and a win or two against the Sioux, who just lost to the Underwolves.

I sat behind a person I thought was going to be a total jerk, but he ended up being a pretty nice guy. I also embarrassed some BADger girl with my superior knowledge of hockey. So I had a nice time even if we lost. I was proud of our boys. We played hard and took shots. We played like the old 'Dogs. We even had a lead!

There were a few chances that Wisconsin failed to capitalize on where it could have been 4-2 or 5-2. Once a player had a great opportunity and the blade of his stick fell off. It probably would have been in the net otherwise.

Lots of power plays for both teams, but we couldn't get it together! We should have done more with our special teams, the penalty kill wasn't too great. I think we are ready for North Dakota next weekend. OH YEAH!!!!

I feel like a total internet geek because I was missing my family chat rooms and posting on Siouxsports. HELLO!!!! I was at LIVE HOCKEY FOR CRYING OUT LOUD. Oh how I've missed it. Gotta try for a game next weekend.

I'm being accused of looking at X-Rated pictures so I'd better go. LET'S GO DOGS!!!!

03 December 2004

Runnin' with the Badgers

While I'm listening to the end of the Sioux game for my buddies at SiouxSports, I'll discuss the 'Dogs game from this evening.

Yes, we lost. Boooooo. That sucks.
BUT we played an AMAZING game. That buzzer beater power play goal by Stapleton in the first showed we weren't going to give up. When it was 3-1 Schwabe shot it to Anderson right off the faceoff and we came back within 1. It was a tough loss, but I think we stepped it up.

Tomorrow I'll be there. Tomorrow we'd better kill them. MacMurchy is going to be beaten to a bloody pulp by me. I will flick Robbie Earl lightly on the shoulder and he will crumple in pain. I will throw fans through the stands if they dare to insult my 'Dogs. I am hungry for Badger blood.

Of course, there were the usual non-calls and other bullshit, but it's to be expected, it's Wisconsin at home. Robbie Earl "accidentally" knocked the net off when the 'Dogs had a big chance. MacMurchy punched Rosehill three times but the zebra didn't see it. Kerry and Greg were on KissCam.

Guess who's excited for hockey tomorrow??????????????????

This Is A Test, This Is Only A Test...

Only a test? Who am I kidding??? This is THE test, the yardstick to see where we measure up this season.

A win at Wisconsin will be a step in the right direction.

A s-s-s-sweep at Wisconsin (though very improbable) would be amazing.

My uncle told me I expect too much out of these puppies. "You've got to have a Twins attitude," he told me. I bow to his wisdom. "If you're there, they won't dare lose." And I will be there, tomorrow night! My first game of the season (too long in coming, if you ask me!) and it's going to be a tough one. Last year, under my watchful eyes, the 'Dogs were 2-0-1. (I didn't go to a lot of games.) Last year, I taunted the fans at the Kohl Center. This year I will sit there in my borrowed jersey (please please buy me one for Christmas? Youth XL) a bit more demurely. I am older and wiser, I have seen what should have been the season of 'Dogs fans' dreams crumble before it began, and I have witnessed the horribleness of Wisconsin fans.

I want to see you win tomorrow, boys. I want to hear you win tonight. Get out there and forget about the Catamounts (we'll never figure out what they are), forget about the Underwolves, and just kick some Bucky ass.