18 December 2004

If You're Happy And You Know It, Clap Your Hands

*clap, clap*

Yeah I'm happy. I mean, I hate ties, probably more than most people, but I would like to see us rack up some points this weekend, and we racked up 1. Now we should whip out a win tonight, and then we'll have 3 shiny points to show for this weekend.

But let's back the truck up here.
Derek Shepard was the referee? What? We had only 4 penalties? We had less penalties than the other team? HUH?????
Have we gone through the Twilight Zone here?
We even got a power play goal. (Denver got a PPG and a SHG, but forget about that.)

We even had a lead. A lead!
Now I don't know about you, but I'd be happy with a 5-4 loss tonight, if only we'd gotten a win in the Frozen Four... but I'm focusing on the positives here.

The Hams (Hammond and Hambly) come up with a goal and an assist each.
For a team with an average of 21.1 PIM, we only had 8.
A win tonight puts us in a tie for 5th with Denver.

I want to listen! I hate working retail! I don't want to be at work til 11:30! I want to listen to the gaaaaame! I wish I was in Duluth!!!!
*end whining*

Let's Go 'Dogs!

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