19 December 2004

If You're Unhappy And You Know It...

...you're a 'Dogs fan. Yeah, it sucks. We pulled a "last year in the Final Four semis." I'm not too happy about it.

So I was at work and couldn't enjoy all the fun of hearing us blow it, but I did call my dad to find out that it was tied and we went into OT. I called later and he did not answer the phone. I crashed into my house, coat and shoes still on, checked the scores. OT LOSS. This is NOT the NHL. OTLs don't COUNT for CRAP.

The 'Dogs are off for a long time, and I hope they do a LOT of thinking about what they've done. Sitting in a corner. With no dessert. And early bedtimes.

As for me, I'll be sitting here with a bar of soap in my mouth.

Merry Stickmas and a Hockey New Year!

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