17 December 2004

An Early Christmas Present

So we squeaked out a win against NoDak in the final minute last Saturday.
I couldn't be happier! That hottie Evan Schwabe getting 2 goals, including the game winner!

I guess I could have been happier if we hadn't been pretty much thumped on Friday night. That was sort of embarrassing. And I wasn't listening on Saturday! Laaaaaaaaaaame.

Anyway, tonight we're facing Denver. This is a must-win. Every game is a must-win.
But we have to beat Denver to make up for last year's embarrassing come-from-ahead loss in the NCAAs. WE should have been kicking Maine's ass, not Denver. Isaac R. should have been a wall during that 5 on 3, not Adam B.

Tonight, let's bring out the broom.

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