21 September 2004

Why I Don't Like Women's Hockey

What the crap is that????

02 September 2004

New Questions

I listened to KDAL all last year, and enjoyed the slightly bizarre banter between Kerry Rodd and Rik Jordan (two men with two first names, oddly spelled). However, after 26 years hard at it, Rik Jordan broadcast his last Bulldogs game. This leaves me to wonder who will be the color man now?

Do they need a color woman? I know someone who is available.

Anyway, Rik is the greatest. During his farewell speech, Rik commented that his eyesight was deteriorating to the point that he could almost be a ref in the WCHA. The fans roared. Kerry was speechless for a moment before bursting out laughing.

Absolutely brilliant. A Rhino Lining hit!

Old News

Since I didn't have this little blog last year, and therefore was unable to comment on some things, and because, as you can see from the countdown, there's still over a month to go before hockey returns to my life, I am going to occasionally look back rather than ahead.

First of all, it's hard to be a student athlete. It's hard enough to be a student. Therefore, the Academic All-Americans from the Bulldogs should be recognized. They played hockey nearly every weekend, sometimes travelling as far as Alaska, and were still able to maintain a 3.00 GPA or better. This is more than yours truly could do, and the farthest I went was Connecticut, for a weekend.
Here are the Academic All-American Bulldogs:
Tyler Brosz*
Steve Czech
Jay Hardwick
Josh Miskovich*
Neil Petruic
Evan Schwabe*
Luke Stauffacher
Jesse Unklesbay
(* denotes extra points for also being hot.)
This is truly an achievement, since hockey involves things like concussions and other head trauma. Also, some of these guys just don't look that bright (Jesse, Steve, etc.) so they have to overcome even more odds.
And I do realize that some of them have just throwaway majors. But if I kicked ass at hockey, I'd probably have a throwaway major, too, like underwater basketweaving.


Junior Lessard signing with the Dallas Stars.
I hate the Dallas Stars.

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

Waiting for hockey to begin is unbearable. From that terrible April day when the 'Dogs let Denver roll on over them, I've been awaiting the puck drop in Notre Dame. Pro hockey doesn't do it for me. The Wild are superb in their own right, but I've been burned by pro hockey before (ahemNorthStarsahem) and haven't really been that trusting. Plus, I can't really afford the tickets. Bulldog hockey is where it's at. It's a family tradition. We'll be starting up the chat rooms and listening to the games pretty soon.

By the way, if you don't live in Duluth (as I don't), you can still get the 'Dogs on the radio if you have internet. Go to warpradio, and search for the call letters KDAL.

I've been distracted by Twins Baseball, which is my second sports passion. Baseball and hockey have a nearly seamless transition, unlike if I were, say, a basketball and football fan or something. And I'm really not.

I'm totally fired up about the season for several reasons:

1. Starting this blog. I was inspired by Bat-girl to create a similiar site, although she has more time on her hands, more wit, and more photoshop skills. I make no promises about this site, but I can tell you that I'm a smart ass, and I have a brother whom I plan on including on the staff here. However, I don't think there will be as many stories about what players did on their off days, or campaign slogans, and there won't be any Lego-vision. I'm not out to copy her, I'm just inspired.

2. Evan Schwabe is captain! He is really one of the best looking players on the team, which gives him that advantage over Junior Lessard, but beyond that, he's got some tough shoes to fill. He was second on the team in points, but most of his come from assists. "What do you expect when you're on the same line as Junior Lessard?" Big Brother reminded me. Right. So Evan's really got to step it up with the goals, and show some leadership. He doesn't just need to be a leader with the younger guys (who look pretty darned impressive), but with 11 seniors on the ice this year, someone's got to take charge of them. With Luke and Neil (only Bulldogs to have been drafted by the NHL! which is a shameful oversight) behind him, I think he'll really shine. He won't win the Hobey Baker, but I think he'll impress a lot of people.

3. Now that I'm living in Minnesota again, this means I can go to LOTS OF BULLDOG GAMES!!!!! (work schedule and funds permitting.) Last year, I saw two Bulldogs games in Madison (a tie and a win) while sitting in the second deck Madison student section and screaming my lungs out. I also saw the 'Dogs blow away Bowling Green in their series right after the New Year. I watched the WCHA Championship game, heartbroken over the loss from the night before (which I listened to while driving back from Illinois in my bizarro rented truck), but cheering the Gophers (minus the hated Troy Riddle, whom I refused to cheer for after he was such a dick while attending BSM) to victory over the Fighting Sioux, scourge of the conference. However, living in the Twin Cities gives me access to a multitude of games.
Games I will most likely attend:
Nov 26 at St. Cloud State
Nov 27 at St. Cloud State
Dec 3 at Wisconsin
Dec 4 at Wisconsin
Jan 28 at Minnesota
Jan 29 at Minnesota
Mar 17 WCHA Final Five
Mar 18 WCHA Final Five
Mar 19 WCHA Final Five

And of course I'm planning to drive up to Duluth at least once or twice, probably for the North Dakota and Wisconsin series. It's a shame they're not playing the Gophers at the DECC.

My main concern for the year is the 'Dogs really need to step up their physical play. With All-American Beau Geisler gone, along with Hardo, the big guys like Swanny and Steve Czech need to jump in there and knock the puck loose, break up those scoring chances, and put the hurt on. This new freshman, Jay Rosehill, is going to be the tallest guy on the team at 6'3" (tied with Freshman C Mike Curry), with another new freshman, Travis Gawryletz, just an inch shorter. Put a little meat on their bones (currently they both weigh in at 195) and they'll be bruisers for sure. Chippy teams like Wisconsin and North Dakota need to learn that the 'Dogs aren't going to be pushed around. The cheap shots Wisconsin took at players like Tyler Brosz last season shouldn't be put up with.

I'm excited, are you? LET'S GO 'DOGS!!!!!!!!!!!!