02 September 2004

Old News

Since I didn't have this little blog last year, and therefore was unable to comment on some things, and because, as you can see from the countdown, there's still over a month to go before hockey returns to my life, I am going to occasionally look back rather than ahead.

First of all, it's hard to be a student athlete. It's hard enough to be a student. Therefore, the Academic All-Americans from the Bulldogs should be recognized. They played hockey nearly every weekend, sometimes travelling as far as Alaska, and were still able to maintain a 3.00 GPA or better. This is more than yours truly could do, and the farthest I went was Connecticut, for a weekend.
Here are the Academic All-American Bulldogs:
Tyler Brosz*
Steve Czech
Jay Hardwick
Josh Miskovich*
Neil Petruic
Evan Schwabe*
Luke Stauffacher
Jesse Unklesbay
(* denotes extra points for also being hot.)
This is truly an achievement, since hockey involves things like concussions and other head trauma. Also, some of these guys just don't look that bright (Jesse, Steve, etc.) so they have to overcome even more odds.
And I do realize that some of them have just throwaway majors. But if I kicked ass at hockey, I'd probably have a throwaway major, too, like underwater basketweaving.

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