26 November 2009


Thanks for reading. I am amazed, every time, when someone new tells me they read this. I doubt I will ever get used to it. Plus, unlike the team, RWD readers never stress me out. Thanks for the fun comments, and the emails, and the couches to sleep on, and for buying Peanut Butter Hjelle Time shirts, and the drinks, and the zany cheers and signs, and the RWD links on your sites, and the fantastic friendships, and the inspiration, and the incredible memories.

Happy Thanksgiving!


vizoroo said...

Happy Turkey Day, RWD.

We can give thanks for the great hockey teams and fans at tUMD and DU. Tech,too.
( Sorry, but I can't add the sioux even if you like Dirty.)

Thanks in advance for no more injuries to the Bulldogs and Pioneers.

Thanks to the Ducks for calling up tMacgregor Sharp.

vizoroo said...

Correction: tMacGregor Sharp

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