18 August 2009

More Roster Fun

Just checked the roster, and I've got some more updates.

Dylan Olsen is #4 now. (Evan Oberg is evidently still on the team.) Keegan Flaherty is now listed correctly as hailing from Duluth, instead of WBL (still left over from Cassy). Jake Hendrickson is #15, which I hope means I like him. Mikey Seidel is #17. That will REALLY confuse me, to see #17 at forward. Cody Danberg is #20, which I don't like. I will discuss that later. Travis Oleksuk is #21; I liked #13! You should have stayed there, T.O.! Aaron Crandall is on the board now, at #31, and Kenny Reiter decided he'd rather be #35.

No pix yet. Distressing.

1 comment:

USAFA Bulldog said...

The #13 seemed to fit Oleksuk due to his body type, althouh #21 isn't horrible. The #20 doesn't seem to be a good fit for Danberg for me.