28 August 2009

Beary Cute

So, there's so much drama in the LBC about this article some no-name publication called The Hockey News (which annoys me from a grammatical perspective... I know it's technically correct, but something's not right) about hockey jersey rankings. I first read this article on Pates' Rink and Run, but then it mutated over to Let's Go DU and The UAA Fan Blog and Goon's World. You can go to one of those fine sites if you want to find this article, but I don't really want to link to it.

UMD was not ranked highly. They were ranked 9th out of 11 in the WCHA. Which makes no sense, as there are 10 teams in the WCHA. We didn't fit a lot of their criteria, like having the school's founding year on the front (Union, InebriatedMike's favorite team), or being green or purple, or having classic colors like UMTC does. UAA did well in the WCHA as well, ranking 4th for their realistic bear. Never mind that a bear is not their mascot. Apparently having bears on a jersey is aesthetically pleasing. I totally agree. I love bears! They are so cute.

I've come up with a plan for UMD to rise in their rankings:


Donald Dunlop said...

UAA finished 3rd. Which is just like 1st when you discount the poll stuffing from GF and Twinkie Town.

Your mistake though is a nice example of your utter disinterest.

I put the Hockey News email addresses in my post; hopefully when the Nigerian email spammers troll for addresses, THN's web editor can collect their share of the unclaimed 5.4 million in that bank account.

vizoroo said...

I love the Beary Pup :=)

( At least your sweater/jersey made the top 10.)

Anonymous said...

U N I O...N!