25 August 2009

We're Gonna Win, Twins?

Congratulations to Scott Baker for his excellent pitching performance yesterday against the Orioles!

Er... wait. That's just that sneaky Biddco again. I get confused.

There we go.

I am so ready for hockey again. Well, I've been ready for hockey since seconds after the Miami game ended. Okay, maybe I needed a mourning period. Seconds after the BU-Miami game, maybe? I have discussed this hockey withdrawal in detail with my email correspondents, as they understand and feel the same way I do.

But the Twins have made me need hockey more. Seriously, if I am going to be jerked around, led on, let down, elated, enraged, delighted, confused and driven to tear my hair out by a team, it really needs to be the Bulldogs. I do not have the energy for this year round. I tried writing RWT but I just couldn't keep up the same enthusiasm and fervor after months of writing about tUMD.

I lied awhile ago and said I was giving up on the Twins. This was after that game where they were up by like 10 runs and blew it. For awhile, I was. And you guys know I could never do that with my Bulldogs. I just can't quit them. Plus I have convenient weekly breaks to stop the steam from shooting out of my ears, and by Wednesday, I'm already salivating for more.

I'm just ready for baseball to be over, if for the sole reason that it signifies hockey has begun! Sorry Twins, but you're always gonna be a best man to my Bulldogs, never a groom.


DC said...

I'm not gonna lie, I just loved that walk-off win so much.

Eric J. Burton said...

I think the season is over for the Twins. I think it is funny that they keep picking up used parts for their bull pen.