29 March 2009

Good Ride, Cowboys

tUMD 1, Violent Repeat Offenders 2

Hey guys.

We made over 20 signs. We wore togas. We spent a lot of money. We drove a lot of miles. We wore out our voices. We blew .15 on MEg's breathalyzer. We acted like total buffoons on ESPNU (which no one saw because the game was not shown in its entirety.) We bruised ourselves and risked indecent exposure celebrating when you scored. We pounded our hands sore on the seats.

All because we believed in you, and we were all so incredibly grateful for these last 5 games, games we could never in our craziest dreams have imagined. These games were gifts for a battered fanbase and we will never, EVER forget this season.

Thank you.

Final Numbers
Playoff wins until we equal last season's total: +6!

My Guy Of The Year: MacGregor Sharp (highest scoring My Guy ever! [Not counting Schwabe, but I wasn't writing RWD then])
Freshman Scoring Champion: Mike Connolly (highest scoring freshman since RWD started!)

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 50!
Jack Connolly: 29!
Michael Gergen: 18!
Rob Bordson: 0

Mike Connolly: 42!
Jack Connolly: 29!
Travis Oleksuk: 5!
Brady Lamb: 2!
Scott Kishel: 2
David Grun: 0


puck swami said...

It's fans like you that make the game great. The memories will be with you for a lifetime.

Congrats on a great run.

Hextall for Hobey said...

It's better to have loved and lost then too never have loved at all.

Anonymous said...

i hope your hockey withdrawl isn't too hard on you...what a season!!!
i love you, rwd...mom!