13 March 2009

The All-WCHA Bias Team

****Attention interested parties***
The B2 network error has been corrected and updated to 7:37 Mountain Time. No promises about Floating Tiger Head.

Yet another reason why I'm not given a ballot.

All-WCHA Team Ballot, RWD

First Team
F Jack Connolly
F Justin Fontaine
F MacGregor Sharp
D Josh Meyers
D Evan Oberg
G Alex Stalock

Second Team
F Mike Connolly
F Jordan Fulton
F Andrew Carroll
D Mike Montgomery
D Brady Lamb
G Brady Hjelle

Third Team
F Travis Oleksuk
F Michael Gergen
F Drew Akins
D Trent Palm
D Chad Huttel
G Kenny Reiter

Rookie Team
F Jack Connolly
F Mike Connolly
F Travis Oleksuk
D Scott Kishel
D Brady Lamb
G Brady Hjelle

I'm behind you guys 100%. BEAT CC!


Donald Dunlop said...

Reiter not Rookie Goalie? What a ripoff! Completely biased picks ...

Donald Dunlop said...

You hate Pennsylvania. Why?

DC said...

Kenny isn't really a rookie as he received a red shirt. I took that into consideration and felt it gave him an unfair advantage.

vizoroo said...

I told you!

MacGregor Sharp scores!
Assist to MacGregor Sharp!

Jacky did you proud!
But don't forget MCon or Fontaine!