22 March 2009


Champions 4, Runners-Up 0

There will be a real post later, when I figure out what to say.

The Numbers
Playoff wins until we equal last season's total: +5!
Things never done before: 3! (Play-in winner winning the Broadmoor, beating DU at the FF, UMD winning the FF)

My Guys
MacGregor Sharp: 47! (Brought the arena to their feet with his hatty!)
Jack Connolly: 28! (Eeeeeeeeee!)
Michael Gergen: 17!
Rob Bordson: 0

Mike Connolly: 38! (EXTREMELY unselfish play at the end to get the puck to Sharp for the ENG!)
Jack Connolly: 28!
Travis Oleksuk: 4!
Scott Kishel: 2
Brady Lamb: 1
David Grun: 0

On Notice
Everyone has been taken off notice. Every single one of you are amazing.


vizoroo said...

Rmind me not to predict "Hatties" for MacGregor Sharp EVER again. He got the day totally wrong.

Now the NCAA wants to have a do-over.
( Hope that's good for us.)

Guess you'll be spending next weekend at the Moosh.

DU and tUMD both win Friday.
Then here we go again.

Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

have you come back down to earth, rwd? mom

Max said...

I would have been happy with any other team besides UMD winning the F5

Donald Dunlop said...

Bitter much?

word verification for this post: twpin

Jeremy Waschek said...

Woot woot!

Are you going to Mariucci?

Anonymous said...

Haha Vizaroo! How ironic.

STB: Your comment makes it sweeter for me!