28 March 2009

That Just Happened

tUMD 5, Ivies 4 (OT)

"Either I just had a brain aneurysm and this is heaven, or this just happened." --Inebriated Mike

I will write more tomorrow. But I am so happy. When Obi scored... I didn't even know it was Obi... because I was in the middle of a sea of togas... and my own toga nearly fell off. Biddco, MEg, and I were almost crying. My legs were shaking and I didn't know what to say or do or think. It was incredible.

Okay, guys. Let's not be so scary tomorrow... DOMINATE. I love you guys.

Also, to my fellow toga-ers: YOU ARE ALL AMAZING.


UMDDogz said...

I almost fell out of the balcony! That game goes right to #1 on my list of best hockey games attended. When the scored to win it, I hurt my knee somehow, and I remember seeing the Ahhhj falling down the stairs. The whole place went nuts!

vizoroo said...

I saw a toga on the replay after the tying goal, but KNEW it wasn't DG.

My man MacGregor Sharp, did NOT get a Hattrick last night. (woe is me) Please make sure he gets it tonight and twice in DC