13 October 2006

B-b-b-baby, You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet

So, the 'Dogs beat... oh crap I can't even remember their name... oh, Lakehead. See what the hottie lists did to me? My brain is mush!

Anyway, chalk one up for the good ol' USA... oh, right. Seven Canadians on our team... right, then.

That last game was just a teaser. It didn't even count. Mike Curry's still got 0 points on the year. So even though we won, 8-1, we're still looking for that first win. But that's cool. Any team that gets invited to the annual Gophers Invite Cupcake Teams So We Don't Get Embarrassed At Our Own Tournament (GICTSWDGEAOOT, for short) can't be that hard to beat. They are coming off an exhibition win as well, against some place called St. Francis Xavier. They've got 11 freshmen. They're on the road. We are awesome. The DECC may fall down on their heads. There's fear in their hearts.

It's not going to be a blowout (I said that last weekend, and look!), but we are going to win both games this weekend. We are going to sweep, and it will rock, and we'll see wins from Josh Johnson and Alex Stalock. Mike Curry will have an assist, Carroll's going to get a goal, Michael Gergen's going to get a goal, and many, many other people are going to get many, many points.

Now excuse me while I go to bed.


USAFA Bulldog said...

If you're interested, I posted to my blog a list of where graduated UMD Bulldogs are playing now.

Eric J. Burton said...

So Ziggy isn't going to be playing this weekend in net?

DC said...

Maybe tomorrow, since we were all predicting Johnson in net tonight. We shall see.