03 October 2009

Practice Makes Perfect

All right, people. I know that I post a lot about driving. I just spend a lot of time in my car during hockey season. Unfortunately I was not supposed to today. But I got lost driving home before the game. Yes, in the metro area I've lived most of my life, but seriously... I... ugh. Think of every swear that you know. Now imagine that there are about 30 more that you don't know. I used all of those words. Like, even a sailor would put a bar of soap in my mouth.

So I missed 1 period and I missed one of my Jacky's goals. I'm sure his Spidey senses told him I'd missed it, because he went right out and got another one. Rumor has it he should have gotten the first and second assists on his own goal because of how hard he worked. I would not know this, because even if I HAD been home on time, stupid B2 was not working. SO STRESSFUL.

Peanut Butter Hjelle and E-Z Reiter combined for a shut-out. Supposedly Kenny only made 7 saves, but it sounded like he played superfantastic. And PBHj just gave a HUGE jolt of momentum to the Peanut Butter Hjelle Time Scorched Earth Campaign. So did Bruce Ciskie, by mentioning it on the air. Thank you Bruce! And welcome back, of course!!!

Arthur Fonzarelli also had 2 goals. One was short handed and assisted on by M-CON (I am loving the idea of the uber-aggressive PK) and Chad Huttel! And the other was assisted on by Jacky and by Jordy (remember? We're calling him Jordy) Fulton.

Are you ready for some practice Numbers? Here we go:

Wins until we reach last season's exhibition total: done!
Points until we reach last season's exhibition total: also done!

My Guys
Jack Connolly: 3
Brady Lamb: 0
Mike Seidel: 0

Everyone: Zip-a-dee-doo-dah

Jacky: 3
Mikey: 1

Drew: 0
Dylan: 0

Olson: 2
Akins: 0 (Now, come on, Drew. This is unacceptable. NO penalties? Muttsdrool was lonely without you.)

On Notice
No one! Let's stay that way for real!


vizoroo said...

I asked about you on the Score Updates thread. Missing 1 of Jacky's goals, I'm appalled.

And how do you get lost going home? Were you TDY to a Pumpkin Patch in Iowa?

vizoroo said...

Oh yes, congrats on the win!

DC said...

I was leaving this hospital (everything is fine, btw, no need to worry) and it is, like, insane. First, I got lost IN the hospital. Then I left the parking lot and I swear to you, it looked NOTHING like where I had driven in IN ANY WAY. And then I couldn't figure out if I was north or south or up or down or what. This is the second time this has happened to me when leaving this place.

vizoroo said...

Obvious solution don't go to the hospital.

I went to Bloomingdales in NYC, went in one door and out another???? Surprised I'm not still one of the homeless wandering around the streets of New York or a victim of some horrendous street crime.

Glad you are ok and safe at home.