04 November 2008

One Coach, Two Coach, Red Coach, Blue Coach

Okay, so the last post sort of flew under everyone's radar. I thought as much. I can't be brilliant all the time. Well, okay, I can, but I choose not to in order to make the rest of you feel better about yourselves.

I know there was quite an uproar amongst dumb skanks named Chelsey when
Don Lucia endorsed John McCain for president back in September. I was kind of shocked that Don Lucia and I agreed on something, but I guess there's a first time for everything. I guess we also agree that the shoot-out isn't a good idea when we have so few games in a season. Perhaps we are more alike than I thought. It's a very Kumbaya moment here.

I started wondering about other coaches in the WCHA, and whose ovals they would be filling in or chads they'd be punching or levers they would be pulling today. Since these elections are secret ballot and no one other than Lucia has openly supported a candidate that I am aware of (but since this blog isn't exactly based in facts I'm not up on all the news), I can only guess. AS A DISCLAIMER: This is just for fun and games, kiddies! Just a game! I'm not actually publishing anyone's actual vote! So let's have some fun. The election itself is already a joke!

Mike Eaves
George Gwozdecky
Don Lucia (duh)
Scott Sandelin

Troy Jutting
Bob Motzko
Scott Owens
Jamie Russell

Dave Hakstol
Dave Shyiak

BONUS! Blogger votes!

The Darkness (or so he is trying to make me believe)
RWD (ok, not really a guess)
Who's Whining Now? (though not really a blogger anymore)

Bruce Ciskie (he does like NASCAR though)
Let's Go Mavs
Rink Rat


Puck Swami


Dirty said...

You are incorrect, madame. I am a Bull Moose Party Blogger. Teddy Roosevelt was a true visionary.

Donald Dunlop said...

Let ANARCHY reign!!

Ok, well perhaps not yet; but one day the people in this country will allow themselves to overcome their bigoted narrow-minded views against those who offer to turn the world on it's ear.

Ted Kaczynski's pioneering terrorist ways may be misunderstood by modern society ... but one day his vision for a world free from those with B.A.s in Marketing will come to fruition. Oh wait ... that was Bill Hicks ... damnit!!!!! I wasted my vote!

Boosh said...

What makes you think I'm a blue blogger :P
Go take a look at my site ;)
And I think I'd rather join Dirty on the Bull Moose Party, that'd probably be easier

Eric J. Burton said...

Nice blog post. I am bummed out today. UGH...

DC said...

Damn. I was on the fence about you, Booshie.

Are you coming to Duluth?

Donald Dunlop said...

Boosh's excessive whining should have been a clue.

DC said...

The excessive whining was what led me to think he was blue.

Eric J. Burton said...

Win Twins told me she is a republican.

Bruce Ciskie said...

Dude, I voted for Pawlenty two years ago. And Barkley this year.

Dirty said...

I think I'm going to bring back the Bull Moose. Boosh, would you like to be my running mate? Down with Obama in 2012!

WT said...

Ouch! That hurt my heart that you'd put my in the BLUE section. UGH! Nice try though! Thanks for sticking up for me Goonster!

Boosh said...

Dirty/Boosh '12. Sounds good to me. I guess I have to work on my reputation before then too ;)
I like to think of it more like complaining than whining, but I guess the complainee would like to think about it more as whining.

And I've never been to tDECC, but its the weekend before finals so I don't think I'll be coming this year, maybe next year...

Eric J. Burton said...

No problem Win Twins. For the Minnesota folks it looks like Bachman (sp) and Coleman have retained their seats. Whew...

Eric J. Burton said...

I'd vote for you Boosh but you won't be 35 in 2012.

Boosh said...

That's what you think. All I have to do is make sure no one can check my birth certificate and no one will know the difference. Heck, I could even have been born in Kenya ;)

Dirty said...

My first action as President will be to imprison Who's Whining Now for being a complete weenie and having the endurance of Bob Dole without Viagra.

MeanEgirl said...

It's a great time to be blue. ;)

PS: Jamie's a Canuck too. :P

PSS: The word verifications on Blogger have been getting more interesting lately. "ragistor"

DC said...

Well, did I guess ANYONE right other than you, me, and Goon?

Eric J. Burton said...

RWD, I have know Sioux7 for 12 years I don't have a clue what his political affiliation is?

LetsGoMavs said...

You guessed me correctly. I'm probably the most liberal blogger out there. I'm the kind of liberal that Goon hates. I haunt his dreams!!

LetsGoMavs said...

Oh, and LMAO that you thought WinTwins was BLUE!!! Hahahahhahhaha! Mixed with my strong blue she's a little purple..meaning one of those Republican types that's not so bad:)

LMAO again...I bet Donald DID vote for the unibomber!

DC said...

Amy are you drunk again? Crazy excessive commenting! LOL. I removed your double comment though.

I almost put Heather and Booshie-pie in the Red category. And Bruce I was on the fence about. I'm pleasantly surprised to see so many red bloggers.

Goon you need to get on that.

LetsGoMavs said...

No, stupid blogger did my one comment twice..and I always have to comment twice to get the option to come up as "notify me when people comment". It's stupid. Blogger sucks!!


Acutally I don't care right now. I'm beyond sick of politics!

Eric J. Burton said...

LGM, rigth on, if I see one more Franken or Coleman ad I am going throw the TV out the window. Ugh, now we have month of re-count. Even living in a border town we got a lot of Minnesota poltical ads...

I am glad it is over.

SIOUX 7 said...

Somedays I'm in the Red,
Somedays RWD thinks I'm dead,
RWD's blog is the WCHA's glue,
when I don't read this blog I'm blue :)

Does that little poem answer your political question :)

word verification:

Anonymous said...


USAFA Bulldog said...

My voice was not heard! I was robbed!

wwn said...

You've got to be kidding me. There is no way that I am a red blogger.

Eff that.

DC said...

I know. How dare I actually call you a blogger...

and you wish you were red.

Anonymous said...

Gwoz is also a Canuck. Although if he were American, I'm sure he'd lean red...