15 October 2008

Mustang Sallies

I realize that we are actually playing a team called the Broncos this weekend, but I got confused/didn't care and thought that Western Michigan were the Mustangs, and I refused to waste a so-so joke.

I'm excited for this weekend. I'll be heading up to Duluth at some point on Friday. The main problem with this is I'll be staying with a friend who I don't think even knows how to use the internet. It'll be like staying in a cave in the woods. I can't wait. I'll have to go to a coffee shop or something and bogart some wireless.

DISAPPOINTINGLY, there doesn't appear to be a Bulldog Club luncheon this weekend, so how will I get to Ask A Question??? Last year I had nothing to ask/chickened out/realized no one cared because they were all there to talk about tUMD football. I went up to the buffet table three times though. Yum.

Sweep this weekend or else, guys.

Additionally, I'm sure some of you are noticing there's something different about this site. The rest of you are like "No habla ingles," or "I was looking for a diagram of the bones of the human leg," which is the most common reason for people to come to this site. I changed a few things around, most notably I added a few links: first, you can get information on this site, then you can easily access all The Gauntlet interviews, and you can view all of the All-WCHA Hottie Teams. I also added a link to Puck Swami's new blog, Know Your Foe, although if you are not a DU fan, I must warn you that the subjects of his blog are not your foes.

The other thing I added is the lovely banner at the top of the site. I made it myself using photos I did not obtain permission to use. So please, start the lawsuits, I dare you. From left to right, the photos are: Jack Connolly; Huffer et. al.; MEg, Justin St. Louis, me, and a cup of beer; a ship and lighthouse; Evan Schwabe; Curry and some other guys celebrating a goal; FireHelmetGuy and me (he complained that the words were covering most of the photos but in his case it's a public service); tDECC; Mike Curry; and Raymond, Sharpy, Knighter and Gors from a few years ago. I thought the site could use a little color.

To wrap things up, I hope to see you all at either Grandma's or the Curling Club, and please, someone be on alert to bail me out of jail. BTW, my birthday's coming up soon, and if you all wanted to go in on a gift, a radar detector would be amazing.


Anonymous said...

Speeding gets you nowhere fast.

DC said...

I respectfully disagree with the Senator from Illinois... speeding has gotten me everywhere fast.

Anonymous said...

the new banner ROCKS!