25 October 2008


Well, all games are must-win games, because I enjoy winning, but this is the one game each year that tDogs are REQUIRED to win.

As you all have marked on your calendars already, Monday is my birthday. Another year more cougarific. tDogs have NEVER lost on my birthday in the history of RWD. And this is RWD's FIFTH SEASON. 2007: 3-0 @ DU; 2006: 2-1 vs DU; 2005: 6-3 @ MTU (Oct 28), Curry with 2 goals; 2004 4-1 W vs. MSUM (Oct 23). I wasn't blogging in 2003 but they swept the stupid Gophers. YAY!

Please, keep the tradition alive! (p.s. Gergy, Jacky, Rob: Mama wants some goals. Sharp: I know you'd get one birthday or not.)

Since this game was not actually ON my birthday, I can choose to switch that game to NEXT weekend and our Xcel Energy Center game against St. Cloud. For which I got awesome seats. I guess my boys need me there to cheer them on before they can get going again. Don't worry! I won't fail you!!! I promise guys, you will hear my kind and gentle words of encouragement and praise next weekend.

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Eric J. Burton said...

Well good luck to the Dogs tonight.