14 December 2006

The Gauntlet: Invisible Edition

COMRADES! This is an outrage! Never before has The Gauntlet been thrown down... and then REFUSED!

RWD threw down the gauntlet to Uber-Blogger Chris from WesternCollegeHockey... and WE WERE DENIED!

So, no Gauntlet this week. Lames!

(Next up on the Gauntlet is Bruce Ciskie. BEWARE, BRUCE!)


LetsGoMavs said...

Oh..so you went for HIM as the Mavs fan and not me? Pshee! Whatever!! Your loss because I would have taken on the challenge:) However, now I know I'm just second rate so forget you! HA HA!

Also, Chris has been super busy and even neglecting the Mav Nation Blog...so it was to be expected.

DC said...

I'm sorry. I mistakenly thought there were 2 Mavs series and I could have used you both. Otherwise I would have used you during this series and Chris during a non-conference series.

But don't worry. I'll get you yet...

Also, I did speak to Chris... but that doesn't mean I can't publicly mock him.

LetsGoMavs said...

Oh...uh huh! No...no 2 series. Torks me off too because I have to go to Duluth for work during hockey season..so it would have worked out perfect.

Listen to the game tonight. The first 2 goals were good but the 3rd was your own #15 shooting it in. Not just a bump but a full swing into the net. I think he was trying to clear the puck and meant to do a sweeping motion and instead went head on into the net. Way too funny! The guy was SO pissed.

DC said...

I am fully aware.
That killed any momentum we had.
I put out an invitation to him on tPB, he can come here and listen to the game and eat a carton of ice cream and all will be healed.

MeanEgirl said...

What a loser! Maybe he chickened out. Geez, even I could handle it! Sure, I whined a lot, but I survived. =P