30 January 2011

All Work and No Play

So much My Jacky content to go over!! Zomg!

First off, he has a new blog entry up. He talks a little about what the team did in practice in the off-week. I don't plan on posting here every time there is a new Jacky Blog entry so you should be checking that out on your own.

I think the team should just get an official blog that Christian or some intern could run/write, and then the player could have their posts there. Then they could have a neater design and have individual blog posts instead of having every post on the same page. tUMD's website doesn't give a whole lot of freedom.

So Jack linked to an interview he did for "This Week in the USHL." The host of this show sounds totally hilarious. Between exceptionally long monologues by the host, Jack talks about the new arena, being a Duluth native, the state of the program and his development in the USHL.

I also got a tip from Angel on Facebook that he had done another interview on the Northland News Center's site. Jack gives the team a B+/A- so far, discusses the AMSoil opener and the Gophers series (where he said we ran into a hot goaltender and felt the Dogs played better, which I disagree with, they may have played better but they played nowhere near their potential) and the team's focus down the stretch (winning the McNaughton cup).

Thank goodness that the bye week is over and the Wild will be back Tuesday and tDogs on Friday!!!

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