17 January 2011

Lies, Damned Lies, or Statistics?

Oh for crying out loud. I forgot something I was specifically going to mention!

In the 3rd period of Saturday's game, tUMD held UW without a SOG. There's no way this is true. First of all, it seemed like the shot counter was about as stingy as possible. Second of all, with the net empty, some UW guy took a shot at the net that would have gone in, but Wade Bergman kept it out. Is it not a SOG unless the goalie saves it or it goes in the net? I am curious.


Troy said...

I believe the goalie has to save it, otherwise it is a blocked shot.

DC said...

Awesome, thanks Millsy!

Fire Helmet Guy #26 said...

No Guantlet with a Techie this week? No wonder Pates gives this blog no respect? :D