19 January 2010


Well now. Isn't this cute? Win your first two games that have any sort of meaning and all of a sudden you're the #1 stunna?

Oh, just the 9 billionth reason to hate this team. I know you're wondering, but no, that isn't Dirty at the 2:39 mark. Or so he says.

Here's our friend again. Careful, he's semi-nude in this one.

I really wish that I could attend the games this weekend, and not because I always wish I could, but because I am just dying to know if this guy is there. I would totally ask for his autograph and probably a photo op. I wonder if he still attends games.

BTW, I hear the Bemidji game is sold out! So, fantastic, they managed to find 1,000 people to attend one of their games! Probably 750 are Bulldogs fans!

Moving right along. Just in case you were wondering, tUMD fans, IT CAN BE DONE.

Oh yeah, and you know what else can be done?


Donald Dunlop said...

What in god's name is wrong with that pool water?

Matriculating Virgin Punk
Mutagenic Voluminous Piss -( the pool water?)
Mostly Verbose Posturing
Mandibular Vexed Pustule
Moronically Verifiable Putz

And now just to satiated my ignorance ... um ... how freaking many stupid statues of Paul Bunyan and Babe The Blue Ox does Minnesota need?

Eric J. Burton said...

Loser is the first thing that comes to mind when I see his videos. Weather permitting I am going to the game on Friday night.

DC said...

Cheering for whom???

Drive safely!

Eric J. Burton said...

I am getting a media pass I will be cheering for no one. I am hoping to do a story on the BSU and UMD series and it being the last time they play a WCHA opponent before they come a WCHA member.