05 January 2010


Attention RWD readers:

If you live in the Twin Cities, I have two tickets to the Friday CC game that are yours, on the hizzay.

Sorry Duluth folks, but there's no way for me to get them to you.

Let me know.
**UPDATE** Tickets have been claimed. But there will probably be more in the future!!


USAFA Bulldog said...

Try posting on the Penalty Box website. This is a great way to ensure Bulldog fans get the tickets (which is especially necessary for UMD/UMTC weekend tickets).

One year I picked up a spare ticket from a guy who lives in the Twin Cities that way.

DC said...

I'm not giving them away to give them away. I'm giving them away to RWD readers.

Radio Wife ;) said...

Too bad we live up here... H and I would take them! :(