02 September 2009

Things To Do In Duluth When You're Dead

Ok, I know my Things To Do In Denver When You're Dead post went over like a fart in church, but this isn't going to be as bad.

The Star Tribune had an article about
can't-miss activities in Duluth. It's uber-schmaltzy, which is somewhat off-putting, but it hits all the basic stops: Enger Tower, Lakewalk, Zoo, other people's houses... Whatever.

I go to Duluth a LOT, as we know, but mostly in the winter, of course, and the main attraction is hockey, but I also go to Duluth by MYSELF a lot and have to find things to do. So, they may not be the most popular places to go, or the top secret places only the locals know about, but I have my routines. Here's what I MUST hit in Duluth/the Northland this fall/winter.

1. Sammy's Pizza
I've already been to Sammy's (the one on First, OF COURSE) once this summer, with my family (some were more enthusiastic about it than others...), but I love love love love love eating greasy pizza. Especially with extra cheese. I love to eat the tiny triangles, too.

2. Gooseberry Falls
Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous in the late fall. Especially when hung over. It's a great way to take a big chunk out of a day, too, because it's a bit of a drive, and there are quite a few places to hike.

3. U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame
I don't go there every time, but I did tell MEg that we had to go up there this fall. It's a perfect way to get pumped up for a hockey game and to learn about hockey history.

4. The Lakeview Castle
I go to the Castle on virtually every visit, often more than once, partially because I general stay with two people who work there and partially because the food is REALLY tasty and not insanely expensive. It also has a great view of Lake Superior and is on the way to Gooseberry, too.

5. Skyline Drive
I generally like to drive at least part of it, either on the way out of town or on the way back from somewhere like a mini-mite tournament in Proctor. I really need to take someone with me so I can take pictures in my car without fear of driving off the road.

6. The Bulldog Shop
Because I can't have enough UMD gear!!

7. The Firelight Inn
I stay here once a year. It's a great bed and breakfast on the east side of Duluth, and even though staying there makes me a sexegenarian (according to FireHelmetGuy), I like having breakfast in bed and a jacuzzi in my room.

8. Duluth Pack
So I can pretend I'm outdoorsy. Also, it's a good place for me to get Christmas presents for my family. We've had Duluth packs since before they became trendy.

I'm always looking for other suggestions (specifically outdoorsy stuff) to keep me occupied, because I get antsy on Saturdays while waiting for the game to start!


USAFA Bulldog said...

No objections to anything listed, although I haven't heard of the Firelight Inn. Still, given that I have a bizillion relatives in the Duluth area (including my Dad), I don't have to find lodging.

Other ideas I have:
- Enger Tower: best view of Duluth is from Enger (it's on Skyline).
- Apparently somewhere near the DECC is a copy of Lady Liberty (smaller of course). I just found out about it. No idea how long it's been there, but apparently it's been there a while. This is one my top things I need to do come hockey season
- The Lakewalk

I'm sure I have plenty of other suggestions from being a "native" Duluthian and spending my first 25 years there.

Eric J. Burton said...

You forgot Grandma's and the Mexican restaurant down in canal park that name escapes me.

Eric J. Burton said...

I rode by on the lake walk this past summer and it was a zoo.

USAFA Bulldog said...

Yeah, I didn't mention Grandma's just because people generally know about that. The restaurant you're think of is Little Angies, which also is a Grandma's restaurant by the way.

Eric J. Burton said...

Bulldgo that was the place I was thinking about Little Angies is an awesome place to eat.