27 September 2009

Sunday Evening Coming Down

Sunday evening is almost as bad as Monday morning, isn't it?

At least next Sunday we'll have hockey to discuss! So exciting!

I'm stressing out though. Who thought PBHjT would be so much stress??? I mean, it's just a banana suit. And a few hundred t-shirts that will be confiscated when we try to sell them at the DECC. And bail money when I get arrested for flipping my lid when said t-shirts are confiscated and I realize that I've just had to eat about two grand.


So, if you work for the DECC, or know someone who works for the DECC, or one of the cops at the DECC, or someone in the UMD administration, do me a solid and tell them to lay off PBHjT, okay? We're going to end up donating most of the proceeds to UMD hockey or something anyway.

And if I DO get arrested, please don't chant "Na na na-na, Na na na-na, hey hey hey, Go-od bye!" It's the least you can do.

(P.S. Hi Mom and Dad! I know you love it when I post about stuff like this!)

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