23 September 2009

Thanks For The Memories

I'm excited and happy for Bruce, of course. Bruce is my friend and I was horribly upset when he was let go last year, not just as a UMD fan but also as a Bruce fan.

But let me take a minute and thank Jeff Papas.

I know this isn't a particularly popular opinion, but realize that Ciskie's firing didn't have anything to do with Jeff's hiring. More like the other way around. Someone had to do the job, which isn't easy to work around, with the travel schedule, especially since not many employers are that forgiving about time off.

It also could not have been easy to take a job when its previous occupant was very popular and was let go in such a controversial manner. People in the community were angry about it, and Bruce was popular with the players and the staff, who probably also weren't happy with what went down.

I think Jeff did a good job. I tried to listen without letting my friendship with Bruce bias me, and though he certainly wasn't perfect, he was articulate, and I definitely caught hints of a dry wit. He reminded me more of an old-school announcer, kind of like the Wild's play-by-play radio guy. I certainly think he cared about the job, and enjoyed doing it, and he improved his schtick in a very short time. He enquired about the position for this season, which shows just how much he liked the job.

Thanks, Jeff, for stepping up when unfortunate circumstances left UMD without an announcer. It was a helluva season for all of us.


Anonymous said...

Jeff is also a very nice guy who was classy in his work.

He also spoke very kindly about his predecessor (and, I guess, successor) when I saw him during the season.

DC said...

Having never met him, I would not have known, so thank you for your comment! I am glad to hear it.