22 November 2007

The Ultimate Fan

From today's Duluth News Tribune, an article about Dick Stewart, founder of Stewart's Bikes and Sports, and one of tUMD's most dedicated fans.

CLICK ON THIS LINK. I know people ignore links all the time, but read this story. It's so heartwarming.

I want the 'Dogs to win this weekend, for this guy, and for all the dedicated fans who support them whether they sweep or get swept.

Eat some turkey, folks.

1 comment:

USAFA Bulldog said...

My dad pointed the article out. I still have to read it (my "internet time" is short, since I'm currently @ the library and we don't have it yet at our new house).

If you've been going to Dogs games for any time whatsoever you just have to know who he is (meaning have seen him). He's literally 5 rows below us. I wish all Bulldog fans were as loyal as he is. I'm pretty sure no matter how bad the Dogs are he's always there. :)