10 November 2007


tUMD 3, CC's stupid annoying logo 5

I am really finding it ironic I'm posting more during this alleged hiatus than I did when I wasn't on hiatus. But, so what?

5 is the name of the game. 5 goals against. 5 minute power play we couldn't capitalize, then a 5 minute major on us that resulted in a 5 on 3 for CC (which we killed off!). Number 5 takes 3 penalties (one resulted in a PP goal, one resulted in a SH).

Ok, special teams, you and I need to have a talk. About scoring. On the power play. Especially a 5 minute major. That's supposed to be a free-for-all, and while there were moments of goodness, there were not moments of greatness and puck in the back of the net-ness.

Welcome back, Gergzilla! We missed you!

That's enough for tonight. I'm definitely going to miss every second of tomorrow's game, so I'm going to be stressin'. Let's have a repeat of last weekend's Saturday comeback!

Wins Until We Surpass Last Year's Total: 5
Points Until We Surpass Last Year's Total: 14

My Guys:
MacGregor Sharp: 5
Matt McKnight: 4!
Michael Gergen: 3 (But! Back in action!)
Mike Curry: 1 (DNP, which is a TRAVESTY!)

Justin Fontaine: 3!
Cody Danberg: 1
Rob Bordson: 1
Everyone else: 0

On Notice:
Travis Gawryletz
Alex Stalock
Evan Oberg
Trent Palm
Kyle Schmidt

Goals only
Drew Akins
Cody Danberg
Nick Kemp

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