15 November 2006

November Birthdays

In addition to RLMORWD, many Bulldogs have November birthdays. So, I'm buying a Camel Hump shot (RLMORWD's favorite) for:

Travis Gawryletz - 21 on 2 NOV
Drew Akins - 21 on 4 NOV
Nate Ziegelmann - 24 on 5 NOV (I got the date wrong before... sorry Zigmund)
Chase Ryan - 20 on 9 NOV
Jason Garrison - 22 on 13 NOV
Matt Greer - 21 on 21 NOV (Golden Birthday!)

and Mitch Ryan's b-day was the day after RWD!

Bottoms up, guys!


Anonymous said...

If you're going to throw down the gauntlet to an SCSU fan let me please be so presumptuous as to suggest you have your chat with Pope Skeetman. It'll be the best edition ever ...


DC said...

The Gauntlet is not going to be thrown to any SCSU fans. They would not understand the questions.

But you look out, Donald, because you're next.

LetsGoMavs said...

HA HA! Funny comment about the SCSU fans. You're always good for some witty banter.

I was hoping you would go after a SCSU fan though...

Anonymous said...

Well then ... I'm glad I have a week off to mentally prepare myself.

LetsGoMavs said...

Check out my blog and see what Anthony LaP is Thankful for this year:) HA HA HA! Good luck this week against SCSU. May the best dog win (that being you guys of course!). Oh yeah, I called my friend Champ a bunch when we went out but he wouldn't bark for me:( What kind of UND spirit is that?!?!