09 November 2006

Falling Down On The Job

Well, in my haste to make my new The Gauntlet feature fabulous, I've forgotten one of the other regular features on this here site, and that's the weekly preview. Because, you know, I want my obligatory link from That Really Successful Blog, written by the Blogger Hottie of the Year 2006.

This weekend we're going to Michigan Tech. That means a lot of things:
1. This is a must-win series.
2. We need to start scoring more than 2 goals a game.
3. Mike Curry will rock your face off.
4. Games start at 6:00 PM RST (Runninwiththedogs Standard Time)
5. MEg will drink Ciskie under the table.
6. Bonus hockey on Wednesday, with the Turn Back The Clock series against NMU.

We've had a tough few weeks, but we've played some tough teams. This is a chance for us to see what we're made of against a team that hasn't actually won one of the last 5 national championships (whee!) It's time to throw some points on the board, 'Dogs, and get on a roll.

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