23 March 2011

Waiting in Vain

All right then. I'm struggling a bit here.

Last time tUMD made the playoffs, it was such an unexpected treat that I wasn't freaking out about it. We were just happy to have made it there and still jubilant from the Final Five dominance.

The time before that, I wasn't writing RWD, but I also wasn't as worried because tUMD was a relatively complete team at that time, and I was confident in their abilities. Well, as confident as I can ever be about a game.

tUMD is somewhere in between those two teams. They've been expected to make the NCAAs pretty much all year unlike in 2009, but they also haven't been consistent enough to seem like the boys of 2004.

SO I AM FRRRRRRRRRRRRRRREAKING OUT. I can't take this wait. It's like an execution or something. So far I've had two dreams about the regional. In one dream we make the Frozen Four. In the other dream we lose to Union. Yargh.

I can't even watch the game. I've missed too much work to take the day off. I won't even be able to listen. I'll just... I don't know. Catch the score at the end. While having multiple aneurysms wondering what the heck is happening. Or desperately following on the interwebs or something, I don't know.

There's only 38 hours left til game time. I can't freaking handle it. Here's some fun stuff to take the edge off.


RR said...

Tired of Waiting--The Kinks.
Sleepless Night--The Kinks
Teenage Nervous Breakdown--Little Feat

UMDDogz said...

I work until 1 so hopefully that will help keep my mind off the coming battle against the racist mascots. Do you work tomorrow?

DC said...

Excellent suggestions, RR!

Yes, I am at work right now. Blah.