07 March 2011

All-WCHA Ballot

It's that time of year again! The All-Conference ballots are being released. Might as well release mine.

First Team
F: Jack Connolly
F: Mike Connolly
F: Justin Fontaine
D: Justin Faulk
D: Mike Montgomery
G: Kenny Reiter

Second Team
F: Travis Oleksuk
F: JT Brown
F: Kyle Schmidt
D: Brady Lamb
D: Drew Olson
G: Aaron Crandall

Third Team
F: Mike Seidel
F: David Grun
F: Dan DeLisle
D: Wade Bergman
D: Trent Palm
G: Christian Gaffy

F: JT Brown
F: Max Tardy
F: Joe Basaraba
D: Justin Faulk
D: Luke McManus
G: Christian Gaffy

Coach of the Year: Scott Sandelin
Player of the Year: Mike Connolly
Rookie of the Year: Justin Faulk


Anonymous said...

I love it! Even as a Sioux fan I find this great!

Biddco said...

Plante was robbed!

Anonymous said...

The only person on your ballot deserving is Plante.

vizoroo said...

Glad to see you don't practice "homerism." ;-}

Anonymous said...

No one from UND is deserving IMO.

DC said...

Viz, so true, no homerism here. I mean, some of my Guys are on the 2nd or 3rd team!

Anon @ 5:50, so true!

mutts said...

never heard of half these guys, and never will!

DC said...

Well, mutts, perhaps you should stop watching men's beach volleyball and start watching hockey.