22 March 2011

Racist Mascots!

I wonder how many UND fans saw this headline and put on the metaphorical foil for yet another rabid, barely-literate internet frenzy.

But we're not here to talk about the Fighting Nazis, we're here to talk about ANOTHER racist nickname, the Union College Dutchmen.

This is a little blurry, but here's their "mascot:"

So stereotypical! A caricature of the traditional "Dutch Boy" haircut, weird Hammer pants, wooden shoes, smoking a bowl. So offensive! Disgusting.
Some Dutch people don't wear wooden shoes, but prefer to light others' shoes on fire. Some Dutch people make terrible music and have awful feathered hair. Some Dutch people wear crazy ascots and formulate equations to describe the force exerted by an object in circular motion. Some Dutch people don't smoke the ganja. I couldn't find any examples though.

And some Dutch people are women! Although it took Union until 1970 to quit treating women as second-class citizens and admit them to their college. But they still discriminate! The female athletes at Union (who I assume are ostracized for their unfeminine behavior) have a different nickname, the Dutchwomen. Separate but equal, eh Union? So their mascot is racist AND sexist!

I certainly hope the NCAA is investigating this issue and taking steps to ensure this bigoted school is sanctioned for its behavior. DUTCH ARE PEOPLE NOT MASCOTS!

Sic em, Dogs!


Dirty said...

Women are second-class citizens. Union made a mistake by admitting them. Then they made another mistake by letting one on the hockey team, Kelly Zajac.

DC said...

Kelly is a second-class Zajac.

Anonymous said...

At least they don't all dye their hair yellow.

USAFA Bulldog said...

I also want the NCAA to investigate the labor practices there, their school is clearly a "Union" but are all the students paying Union dues?

Anonymous said...

Is that the UND peace pipe he's smoking? or does it belong to Danny Krispo?