25 March 2011

Afternoon Delight

tUMD 2, Scabs 0

I keep thinking I need to remember to use this post title during a day game and I keep forgetting. Well, I waited for the opportune moment on this one.

I didn't watch a single second of this game. I was at work. It practically killed me to be at work, BTW, but I suffered through. I work hard for the monies.

And when I say suffered, I mean SUFFERED. Holy mother. I was completely distracted, my heart was pounding, and I thought I was going to puke. Good god was that stressful. I sent a frantic email to one of my friends sort of jabbering on about how freaked out I was about the game. Then I wrote "Gee, I guess I'm not helping, am I?" She wrote back "NO YOU'RE NOT!" Ha.

So I made it through the game by Twitter and by texts. Thanks DA for the texts. Even though you caused serious heart attacks by writing ambiguous things like "They are going on the power play," and I was like "THEY WHO?????"

Union had a 31% power play and only had nine games where they failed to score on the PP. Well, now ten. tUMD's penalty killers, from Kenny Reiter on out, kept the Racist Mascots 0/9 on the power play, while tUMD's own power play went 2/8. I would say it's unfortunate that we could only score on the power play, but let's see here, I crunched some numbers, and here's how the game broke down: 49% 6x6, 27% Union PP, 18% UMD PP, 3% 5x5, 2% 6x6 with Union's net empty and 1% tUMD 6x4. Insane. Totally weird game.

I had a brief respite from my sheer panic while watching the Yale-AF game and the extremely enjoyable CC-BC game, but now I'm back to panicking. While Yale isn't head and shoulders above every other team in college hockey, they're not pushovers either, and it's going to be tough.

Just three more wins boys. One more and you're in St. Paul. Three more and you will complete me.

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Kyrie said...

I love it when I am right. Don't worry about the money. I promise I will get up there for a game next year and you will buy me adult beverages. We will be loud and obnoxious and cheer a win.