18 February 2011


tUMD 1, Moocows 3

Apparently I'm into YouTube postings.

Why. Why must this happen!? Why am I forced to write posts openly advocating suicide as a viable alternative to watching or listening to another second of passionless, poorly executed Bulldog hockey?

It's totally my fault! Here's why.

1. Last weekend I didn't wear a jersey for EITHER game. And today I didn't put on a jersey til we were down 2-0! If I'd been wearing the jersey it would have been... tied.

2. I bought Frozen Four tickets and tDogs totally tanked almost directly after that happened.

I'm sorry. I'm totally sorry. I'm working on it. See below.

The Wild won and Tech won so all was not lost. And tomorrow I'm going to Mankato and will probably hang myself if we lose.

Have a good night!

P.S. JT Brown, stick to scoring goals. This other crap isn't helping, and it isn't Bulldog hockey.


Donald Dunlop said...

You do know you can specify the width on your youtube embeds?

DC said...

Meh. I didn't care.

vizoroo said...

Friday night--YECCHH!
I understand your suicide posts.