09 February 2011

File Under: I, For Irony

Saturday night, Feb. 5,
2011, will be remembered as Jack Connolly night. The junior from Calgary tied a
UMD Bulldog men's hockey record by scoring five goals in one contest. That is
not a misprint.
Jack Connolly scored five goals in a Division I hockey game on
Saturday night.
Indeed. (Thanks Mullet for the tip.)


tHendoTwins said...

I read that today, and I couldn't believe what I saw. WOW, I could right a better sports column for tUMD Statesman

DC said...

I hope you have a copy editor for your grammar! ;)

UMDDogz said...

A Star Trib article called him Jake Connolly. Hilarious.

Eric J. Burton said...

Wow, how the hell can that happen? Yikes that is not cool. Heck they give you rosters of the teams in the press box.